Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


Yep, about as surprising as “Europe and Britain have made a deal”. It would sicken you the way these guys play the game and rake it in. But they are good at what they do. Manipulation.


Always been a classless thug. Amazing how many of his fan boys come up with excuses for his behaviour


To be honest, I’ve been a fan of his and what he has achieved in the UFC.

However, I just think what he did at that event was him being a class one asshole! … He’s completely lost a sense of where he’s come from.

There’s whatsapp videos of him going around shortly afterwards (out the back of he 3Arena) and he is acting like a thug and talking about being “wired to the moon” …


He looked coked off his face if you ask me!


That’s what I took from the ‘Wired to the Moon’ reference alright.


Yep, couldn’t believe what I saw. Obviously out of hi brains. Can you imagine the Fear the day after that one!


hopefully the drug testers called on saturday morning


Is it regulated by anti-drugs people?


UFC has its own tailormade anti-doping programme made by USADA, there’s been something like 1,400 in and out of competition tests since July 2015, which is far more than any other sport in America. McGregor has still only been tested 13 times in that time frame.


Sorry, article I read was from 2016, add about 1000 overall tests and an extra 5/6 for McGregor, so he’s been tested about 20 times


Always some piss poor excuse for the jumped up thug


There’s another clip doing the rounds. It’s of the aftermath of the event, looks like the car park. It would add a bit of weight to your speculation if you ask me!

Sorry just saw there’s reference made to it already up above.


Any link or is it just on whatsapp?


Mmmmmm sceptical of this


Yeah, they’ll probably just use this as his “punishment” and “ban” him for 6 months. The reality is that he wasn’t going to fight for around 6 months anyway. Kavanagh confirmed as much yesterday.


They are treating idiots like people, as someone once said.


Why would the UFC punish themselves by doing that. They’d lose millions all because he acted like a clown. They just have to be seen to do something. He was never on that card


Never your fault is it Conor…


Bullshit statement… he’s coming across as complete dick.

I’ve been a fan of his for years but honestly kind of think I’d like to see him get a hiding in his next UFC fight just to bring him back down to earth.

In the Octagon he is usually flawless, outside of it he’s becoming (or has become) a thug.