Mc Gregor... Your cuppa tae?


I was joking about McCaffrey… remember he was gargled at the AI final after match banquet and in the background for the Sunday game interviews and he was dishing out rabbit ears and wet willies to those around him.


Remembering of course that he had just torn his ACL and was likely on strong medicine, much like McGregor, except McGregor’s wasn’t prescribed!


Written on the back of his ACL medicine bottle "do not take more stated dose. Do not drive or operate heavy machine. May cause drowsiness or increase the likelihood of having the craic, if you experience any wet willies please speak to your doctor! :grinning:

Curious enough, the police publicly stated McGregor was clean when arrested. Was wondering how they judged that, pupil dilation test or something?!


Ah yeh forgot that, was funny though clearly staged because the Dublin team are all financially doped gym robots who have no life and are slaves to the evil tyranny of The Cult of the Latter Day Gurus of The Manager.


whatever about his questionable personality and dubious acquaintances, I must compliment the man on his ink.

stunning inkwork for which he can be truly proud…



None of the contempt he showed when in court here


The judges here won’t jail him. Not the same in the US.

Any kind of conviction there and his “career” is fcuked.


Bit like an ex Dublin footballer


I hope he is banned from the USA because if me or you (a normal joe) done what he did we would get a lifetime ban from the US


Yer darn tootin’ !


Money talks and I’d say he will get off with a clip round the ear and a huge fine.

Too much money to be made in the state from future events to see him banned I reckon.


Doubt if the attorneys office cares about MMA impact on economy. He is trying to plea bargain his way out of doing time. I’d say he is going to get a conviction and in that case his career could be f…ked.


You might be right and if he does I’d have no sympathy for him. As for his career I’d say he doesn’t care … he may not even fight again anyway… he banked 100M from the fight with Mayweather … I’m sure he’s that keen to get the face smashed off him for 5m-10m.

But politics and justice is a corrupt place and there’ll be enough lobbying going on for McGregor from high profile (and wealthy) individuals that I can’t see him getting slapped with too much to worry about.


Exactly yea, who needs a career when you have 100 million in the old current account.


New York District Attorney’s job is political. Given the rabid irish american support for him he will be allowed plea bargain himself away from any possible visa issues.



Money talks … who’d have thought it!


UFC is as fake as WWE with its contrived personas and and feuds to sucker their fans into spending their hard earned cash on pay per view events, pure boloxology.

Next they will be having ladders, chairs, referees being “knocked out” and all the other showbiz fakery of the Vince McMahon version


Five days community service? Maybe he could iron the aul fella’s suit …