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Can we not just take Cooper, and auction the rest off on EBay?


Nothing could get over you lying down…


Aside from the Dcu colleges teams using St Claire’s you also have, Dublin Senior Footballers, Dublin Senior Hurlers, Dublin Ladies Footballers, Dublin minor and u21 hurlers and Dublin Minor and U20 footballers. Should be no problem fitting in the 100 or so Na Fianna teams there for a few years


Any word on when Spawell pitches will be ready?


Not enough room for a full width pitch.


No, but could do nursery. That said, who’d want to bring a Dublin 9’er through a building site to play a game? That could be conducive to being a tradesman. Perish the thought. Maybe they’d never get the sweet taste of Goji berries or Quinoa salad.

Joking aside… It’s a bullshit exercise. It’s not going to happen as long as NaFianna and the local schools put their shoulders to the wheel. The uproar would bring the whole project to a grinding halt. I fully expect the public consultation to explode before it’s signed off. The local politicians I’ve spoken to, agree fully.


The line is also due to go right under our house. What’s the craic with that? Presume it makes no odds to us (bearing in mind the gaf is 100+ years old). Will it be all rattly and stuff?

I remember living out in Fettercairn after we moved from the Mun. Every time they blasted in Roadstone you’d fell the whole house shake.


The port tunnel works paid for all the damage to my gaf, so you’re quids in, especially when you include paint and plasterers… I’ll say no more for fear of incrimination!


I wish I’d lived near there… Could have gotten a facelift for the ex.


Bit on Prime Time up next . Get to see @DUB09 in the flesh :laughing:


That’s not him!!!


National capitalist curmudgeon Colm McCarthy gets wheeled out. Why? Just.


Just stop the facking thing at Home Farm Road and then resume at Botanic Avenue. People can walk between the stops - if you’re going into town it’s downhill anyway.


Senan on now …


They’re knocking down a refurbished Townsend St baths and new apartments above them. There’s a vacant building falling apart 80 metres down the road! Who the fook are these people???

ps Did Senan call Jimmy a former member …


Not like Senan to make a balls of something…
What age is Jimmy ? Must be knocking on mid to late 80s .


or was it a founding member??


Meant one says the other?! :joy:

Jimmy prob late 80s - absolute gent.


Not before a couple of million euro are spent on 'consultants ’ who will come to the conclusion its a non runner.


Good programme, Senan Connell spoke very well as did Jimmy Gray. Did some young fellow wander in shouting in the middle of it?