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Yeah !


I think it was John Horan …


Kevin’s and Synger also in trouble of losing grounds to proposed sale of land at Dolphins barn. Article on Irish times there tonight.


Finbarrs demonstrating outside of the Dail today also regarding pitches. Big shortage in Dublin


Any word on Kevin’s getting the old John Player place on SCR?


John Costello has been consistently raising the issue of ‘social capital’ especially in the context of land and facilities in this city and also with regard to Nama disposals. Unfortunately where social capital ought to have the highest weighting it has none …


A true soldier for our cause. We’d be fecked without him!


The auld metro will be handy for Senan. The Guards can’t keep losing files🤣


Is there a stop at the boars head?


Stop talking about dub09.


I couldn’t tell you at all. Not close to it.


Big crowd for the meeting this evening. Well done to all involved.


Magnificent turnout of young and old at the Helix today for the ‘after the horse has bolted’ public consultation. Jonny to the fore. Well done all!


It Should never have come this, but great to see people taking action.
Mark Cooper on twitter
If you want to make a positive change do it in a positive way,as a community! Queue of 100’s of concerned @clgNaFianna members outside @TheHelixDublin this evening to voice their absolute objection over plan of #metronorth to rip the heart from a community #notatanycost


That is the soup kitchen for NF members … but don’t tell anyone … :wink:

Seriously though, there has been a phenomenal response from members young and old and Metrolink can be in no doubt as to the opposition they will face. It’s also good to have a few local heavy hitters …



Excellent strategic timing too! From what I’m hearing the din is too much for local politicians to cope with, and I’m going with my gut feeling that this will not go ahead. Cue super hero Noel Rock, cape and all, to rescue Na Fianna and the 2 schools and Home Farm from the dastardly TII!


Missed you down the school for the meeting tonight Rochey. That means you have to write 20 extra letters.


Dude. My better half has already not only proposed the strategy but is also enforcing it on us!


If Na Fianna are depending on Noel Rock to save them they won’t last past Christmas