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you are being generous.

May day if its down to Noel Rock imho


Ah lads, Noel Rock has done some stellar work for Dublin North West since his election. Sure he has brought the Luas to Finglas, or as he calls it Fing-Luas. All you have to do is get off the Luas and get a bus to Finglas.


He’s the Harry Kane of Irish politics


Teresa’s Gdns has gone to planning. One juvenile GAA/ Soccer/ Rugby pitch for 50k pop in inner city. It’ll be a DCC pitch and will be most likely shared with soccer and rugby clubs. Senior pitch to follow in 5 years when they knock down the flats (that people are actually living in during a housing crisis). So basically that probably won’t happen for 10 years. Meanwhile there are plans to shrink Dolphin Pk approved by Dublin County Board and GAA.



Never underestimate Dub09’s influence.


Well I can’t take all the cred … no, no … yes! I absolutely can.


In fairness Leo does have strong links with na Fianna as it’s where he donned his hurling skills


That’s class!


More of a cricket man I reckon


Sure aren’t all them injun lads?


We had FF cowboys. Now FG Injuns. Nothing has changed though! You are okay if you know the Big Chief!


Ah yeah, but in fairness @DUB09 is very fair in who he chooses to discriminate against.


You must be indiscriminate in your discrimination …


He is even allowing people from Marino use the new Luas stop one day a week. And people from Ballymun and/or Fizzbra too, when their own Luas stops are bombed out. (Weekends only though.) Can’t ask for fairer than that really.


Dublin-Rathdown have a strategy to invest in sports facilities and ensure access to all sports. I don’t think it’s anti GAA, but obviously if they compete against GAA clubs for grounds it could appear that way. Heard they gazumped Crokes on a few sites including Benildus where Crokes have their Nursery. Dublin City Council just appear less interested. Probably due to housing criisis.


The reality is there is a lot less green space the nearer you get to town. Even Na Fianna have huge issues - Metrolink aside.

But on the Dun Laoghaire/ Rathdown area, in his annual report in December John Costello mentioned that there is only enough suitable land left in DLR for eight more pitches in the next 100 years - and they are to cover all local sports’ needs with 50 clubs already in the area between Gaelic games, rugby and soccer. Frightening stuff!


Is that not in the heart of Olaf’s territory?


A lot of Crokes primary schools would be feeder schools for Beniuldus as well as Olafs schools. So the school has plenty from both clubs.

It is true that Crokes had done a deal with the school for the all weather pitch, only for DLR Council to come in and gazump them with a better offer. That and a few other similar stories would lead you to believe that GAA is not top of the councils priorities.


Any body who can spare some time to send a quick email to Metrolink consultations, would be much appreciated by the club and the adjoining schools. You could also mention that it is the only exercise that Kidney Bongos get. And by jaysus, I need it!

Senan Connell will buy a pint for every submission made. Two if you’re from Ballymun.

Bottom line is the line will likely go ahead, they just picked a truly stupid spot to locate these tunnel boring machines based on engineering convenience. Makes no sense on so many levels, I don’t think they even bothered to find out that 3 schools share the space with Na Fianna and any interactions I’ve had with TII or NTA so far would indicate they really don’t care either about the fact we have a hub there of Irish speaking schools, clubs, a naoinra and a host of other activities and businesses run out of Na Fianna’s site, all supporting our culture and our kids. Volume of submissions matter. Would really appreciate the help!