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It’s right across the road from St Olaf’s grounds in Sandyford, but I think technically it’s in the area of Kilmacud.


Certainly not when the former Mayor is chairman of Mt Merrion FC :wink:


Crokes traditionally had use of that school pitch before the road was built. Olaf’s pitches are the other side of the road. The school and council own the land on the southern side of benildus avenue


I should add, Olaf’s pitches are also under attack from DLR. They want to make a park out of the landholding to include playground etc and paths.

The only upside is that it might give the remaining pitches a bit of shelter.

No good though as Olaf’s playing numbers have increased hugely


They have a lot of space for playing but parking is a nightmare. A playground area in the right location might attract more families and parents with toddlers etc, which would benefit their nursery.


Finished my response to the consultation today. Ended up running to 13 pages!



Good work, Bongos!


Check out @jcoops’s Tweet:


Made my contribution/submission even though nothing to do na fianna and would encourage all contributors here to do likewise, strength in numbers and dublin gaa should stand togeather.

If anyone reads John Costellos year end report it’s grim reading as land used for gaa is at a premium in dublin and not getting cheaper.

Nama did nothing to fulfill it’s intended remit to sell lands for to add societal impact, just sold to highest vulture funds. The likelihood of new gaa clubs starting up in dublin in the future is very slim as the reliance on public pitches or building your own facilities are growing astronomical.

Even clubs on the outskirts like st marys saggart and Commercials in rathcoole/Newcastle are losing pitches CPO’d for a number of years to irish water. Tyrellstown also struggling for school/gaa pitches and developers are snapping up land for development.

Anyone involved in clubs knows the problems on relying on public pitches. The main problem clubs are facing is not pitches for matches but space for teams to train, with boys and girls playing hurling and football from academy all the way up it’s a logistical masterplan to organise limited space. It’s not getting any better and it’s doesn’t seem to be registering with authorities. The nightmare senario for certain clubs will they reach a capacity point where kids will be turned away.

Anyway rant over its na fianna today but it could be your club tomorrow. If Leo and the boys in Leinster house see all the submissions they may see the value in Gaa votes.


Excellent post @Liamo


fully agree matches can be split and are home and away but the training for teams between key juvenile times of 6.30 - 8.30 is a disaster for most clubs


Excellent post @Liamo - but just on the above, I am fairly certain that there was no societal element in Nama’s remit - unfortunately. I am fairly sure their sole remit was to maximise the return to the taxpayer and a very strict construct was taken - maximise the financial return


I thought their remit was amended to have a social obligation (particularly when cunty balls Fine Gale got in 2011?? Of course the primary goal was to make money, but take the situation with the DCB and their offer been slightly less than the winning one.


Unfortunately due to our history with such ‘dealings’ Nama’s hands had to be tied as tightly as possible to prevent any chicanery. I was not aware of any loosening of this. I would have always felt there was a social capital consideration here - which in some cases would actually have given the tax payer the best return. But it’s not black and white. That said an independent body could have been set up to adjudicate on such cases in latter years especially.


NAMA was supposed to have a “Societal Dividend” but helpfully FF, the crooks who brought us to the verge of bankruptcy never specified what that was or how it would be measured. NAMA took it to mean that offering a few units in rural Leitrim to people on the Dublin housing list would suffice, while simultaneously flogging the good silverware (Dublin located property) to vulture funds and back to the very builders who brought about the crash in the first place for a percentage of its value.

To quote the American Management Consultant Peter Drucker “What gets measured, gets done”. The term “Societal Dividend” is the kind of deliberately meaningless and vacuous language used by marketers and politicians all the time when they don’t want to be held to account. It was a complete ball of smoke to give a fig leaf of decency to this horror show created by the villains at FF.

Next time one of them comes looking for your vote, you should remind them of their treachery


The irony of NAMA’s offices being in Treasury Building.


Johnny Ronan’s as far as I recall …