MetroLink / Na Fianna


Fair play Liamo.

Yeah, was down at the Juvenile mentors meeting in Na fianna a couple of weeks ago. Logistical nightmare is putting it lightly trying to beg and borrow pitches all over the place for games and training.


There will be no need for any more Juvenile mentors meetings if this goes ahead … :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


As far as i know they did have a societal element to their remit, but their way around it was to allow a private company handle the sale of certain tracts of land, including the Spawell site, and the private vendor was obliged to take the highest price offered and could not take any potential social uses into account as that wasn’t part of the remit as they were solely a selling agent.


No @spanner - over time they moved from individual to portfolio sales as they found them more expedient. But the original remit never changed - so societal considerations / social capital were never a factor.



Now that’s how you out in an objection. Well done to the members of NF who put that togeather, hopefully the fight they’re putting up will have a positive effect on the club.