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There was a segment there on it on the 9 o’clock news .


It is all over the media.



As long as we keep our name, jersey colour, identity and you lot bow before us and call us “sir”, it could be a runner! :slight_smile: :rofl:


What’s the craic with kickhams moving back to the Mun Proper. Did that ever get the nod?


Not yet, let’s call it a work in progress.


I’d be suprised, Setanta run the streets out in the Mun. :grin:

Some of the land BK were looking for is zoned for a Lidl and the NTA even made a half hearted objection to that so I reckon the rest of that land is earmarked for Metro…


Town Centre has now gotten the nod for demolition, so was thinking maybe the Lidl would go in there and free up the other space for pitches?

Wishful thinking?


Or a fire in an empty hotel​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::wink::wink::wink::wink: !


Lidl is going roughly where the first block of balcurris/Clarke tower used to be.

The metro makes the shopping centre site worth a fortune for housing - the government started at the 2040 launch that metro will be used to stimulate House building - be interesting to see who benefits from that. Metro will virtually cost the same as the cancelled dart underground which would have solved a lot more problems and served a lot more people but crucially wouldn’t result in a single house being built in any identifiable area. The chances of ballymun sc being replaced by any shops are virtually zero.

As for na fiannna there is a public consultation process and the probability that this will never happen. Dart underground went through th entire process to the point that it was ready to be dug (and indeed had to start by a certain deadline)when it was cancelled on the most flimsy grounds with only a few weeks to go beforehand it had to start.


JC is on the case !


@DUB09 @bongoslaw is there still pitches at the back of Scoil Caitríona, could be option for nursery.


Heard NAF are moving up there :grinning::grinning:


Dunno how people are gonna get in and out with all that heavy machinery flying about. It’d be a noise hazard if nothing else. I expect TII will give all the kids ear muffs with woolly bits to help them through the 6 winters.

I mean nobody in Glasnevin uses damned public transport anyway.


There’s a market straight away for a new Helmet design, with ear muffs…


@Rochey always struck me as the helpful type but sending me 3,000 transfer forms at this particular time though possibly well meaning just lacks that subtle sensitivity.



It’s a bit of a mess really. The more I see it, the more I feel it’s a red herring. I’d defo say it won’t happen. There’s too many sections of the local community to be p’d off by this.

The cynic in me sees this as the initial plan, and the hero from Fine Gael flies in and saves the day by moving it to either the Smurfit or Albert college site… thus securing 4k votes from DNW! Now where’s my tin foil hat?


There is no doubt that anything else would certainly destroy a man’s career …


Do you think I’m onto something?

My next subject is this: Why are the diesel cars dying out?


Just checking @Rochey any members from BK on that Metro committee :sob:


Apparently there is a real shortage of diesel trees and it’s only going to get worse.