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@DUB09 is there a real fear that Na Fianna will lose or not gain more players due to this?


Ah Liamo, you old cynic!!!

If there were we would have driven the tracks straight though our existing clubhouse, and done a CPO on your clubhouse, library and both schools and all the houses on Ballymun Avenue and the ones backing onto the site from Willow park, and demolished the lot, just to get us back into the homeland!!!

Don’t take it personal! :slight_smile:


That’s terrible abuse coming from a member of a traditional Hurling Club,who’s Team won Dublins first ever AI Hurling Title in 1889…


@DUB09 told you it was inside job…


I can’t see any circumstances where this would be good for the club. Whatever argument you may try to make is rendered useless by a number of factors but most of all the proposed timescale. I don’t think it’s over dramatic to say that this will literally rip the heart out of the area - genuinely.

For ‘planners’ to suggest placing the project-long bolts of the operation in the area that will probably have the greatest negative social impact in all of the 26km route is mind blowing. What kind of planning is that.

Add this to the non-interest of Nama in considering disposing of sites for social good and we truly live in one of the worlds worst countries in terms of social progress and equity.


There’s load of free space above in Fingal for pitches :thinking:


The only adult championship medal I have for this club is a hurling one… I love me shticks!


If this goes ahead I cannot see it happening within the timescale proposed.


No - likely not though we have improved in terms of delivering large scale projects on time. But when they start tunnelling under Na Fianna they’ll probably find all manner of artefacts, riches and treasure as it was probably still a hugely upper class area even in Viking times and before … :wink:


Maybe the ashes of your first clubhouse will cover the artefacts of the original “spilt” documents?

In all seriousness, I do honestly hope you are not the victim of all this, and I sincerely doubt you will be. Too much pull there now!


Probably a few skeletons there from the days of “The Na Fianna” disco


The head of the DTA was on Morning Ireland t confirming that Na Fianna members will have 10% off Metro trips once all the this work is done, for the first year anyway…

Well she didn’t say that but she did say the route documented is the one “proposed” and will be possibly open to other options - they will be getting into conversations with the likes of Na Fianna to hear their concerns and to explore options( not sure if it was just lip service)


Beat our lot in the final… grrrrrr.


It’s a critical piece of infrastructure built under mosty developed and used land. There will be significant losers in this . People will lose homes etc but I’d can it see a club being allowed to be destroyed.

A year or so is tolerable, but 6 years is a generational miss and no club can bail water to that extent.

What’s worse, this is obviously a screw up of epic proportions. A button was pressed that this info needed to be released before proper consultation was commenced. Those days were supposed to be gone re planning.

I’d imagine a more suitable option will be found. Any new infrastructural project with compulsory purchases and orders to temporarily vacate will cause hurt. But there is a difference between scores of people and thousands. Shameful by the NTA.


What is the plan for those houses affected on the route? Heard there are a number of families that will be displaced. Can they legally do that if you own the property?


I put this out to be corrected but I believe in this case a railway order provides the legal framework that would result in the state being allowed to issue compulsory purchase orders of a private home. The affected people would probably be offered the market value of their home plus an agreed spread to soften the blow.

If a GAA lobby exists in Dublin now is it’s time to shine.


There are 1000’s of stakeholders who will lobby for route amendments etc and there are a much smaller cohort of those who stand to lose their homes and property. I’d take the view that considering a significant amount of this project will be underground and on an existing railway cut that the latter group is small enough to be consulted prior to going to press.


Common strategy where disruption not going to be welcomed by anyone effected… so best to pull the plaster off quickly in one go. All the smaller players are drowned out by the headline disruption.
Also by starting at your preferred solution, you’re step ahead.

One not so long shot is maybe government know it’s a promised item that can’t be delivered so better to let public opinion and revolt kick it down the road for another decade.

Strikes me an excessively expensive project to undertake when you consider other problems as well as the alternatives to link city centre to rail (across to Howth junction etc). I think we’d be far better off investing in education, social assistance etc along the proposed route than underground system.


surely with the pull Na F have now in the association they will just play their home games in HQ


You get well looked after. Put it this way, I wish it was my house they were looking to go through.