MetroLink / Na Fianna


I agree with the issues you highlight but I don’t they should be mutually exclusive of each other. I’d imagine this project will go ahead at some stage. When as you say is less certain. The rail infrastructure was built in the 1800’s and hasn’t really been improved much since.


If they built the bloody thing then it would’ve been grand …


I don’t think that exceptionally irksome cnut Donoghue will be arguing Na Fianna’s case:


I forgot he was a Na Fianna member


Nama selling the spawell site to developers, Tyrellstown getting evicted, Clonkeen college losing its pitches to Durkans, St. Kevins got shafted on a promised pitch too. Too many fingers fumbling in the greasy till in this country, adding the half-pence to the pence.

I suppose it’s not all bad though, Wesley got a new hockey pitch. :angry:


Be good to get 5,000 here asap … signature and any help with wider promulgation appreciated!!

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) : Stop the metro - Stop the metro -


Done Dub09.

Will forward to fellow Gaels.


Done and tweeted…


good point, dublin city council and rathdown seem to be quite anti-GAA or is it my imagination? Free soccer stadiums built willy nilly, fingal even started a team ffs.


Done !



I wonder would Shane Ross let the Metro line run through Wesley college?


Fair play on that charity initiative on the fire in ballymun @Rochey - and appearance on rte1 radio drive time !


I’d sacrifice both NaFianna and Ballymun’s grounds for a ladies hockey team.

Have to get our priorities straight here…and they’re northsiders.


I appreciate it’s a huge thing for Na Fianna, but there is a bigger picture for the whole country.

We need to continuously develop the infrastructure and there was never a major project anywhere in the world that didn’t inconvenience someone. It’s not ‘only in Ireland’ actually the reverse, in my experience Ireland is among the best at trying to please everyone, and it costs a fortune in time and money.

This reminds me of the port tunnel that was going to be a disaster and never going to work etc.

I suspect Na Fianna will end up far better off out this then they are now. The fear is for the short term, and that is what negotiations need to be about.


Trust me @wifi - this will never happen. And it’s hardly your everyday ‘ah well it’ll put them out a bit kind of story but sure it’s for the greater good.’ The potential negative consequences are massive here and not something that should be visited upon an organisation that gives so much to a community.


Signatures above 1500…shared on wattsapp to many a men who should share in their own clubs group…lets hope this doesn’t come to pass


Slightly different subject but is Dublin really big enough to justify digging the whole city up for to have an underground metro? If it is going to cause situations like this then surely the risk / reward does not make sense.

There is what 1.5 million? Surely more LUAS lines would be sufficient enough to get everybody around. There seems to be an obsession with having an underground link from the airport to the city.
The airport to the city is what, 4-6 miles? Build a LUAS to Swords and have shuttle buses to the airport!


Fine Gael and NTA need a big capital project.


Then lets pour money into broadband and create a digital society.

If Fine Gael / Fianna Fail prioritized creating an environment where people could work from home on a regular basis they would get plenty of votes.
How many poor souls commuting from the midlands or sitting in traffic on Dublin Bus would benefit from working from home a couple of days a week.
I know a lot depends on the company one works for but broadband should be part of the infrastructure solution as much as boring holes through the city.


So the thing about the metro is that it is a light rail system or in other words the luas (that is how it will run on the green line) They have to put it underground as there simply isn’t room to put it overground in the north city. The roads simply aren’t wide enough (in a lot of cases they are just a bus lane and a single lane for traffic). A lot of people have raised the argument that Dublin lacks the population density to justify an underground and we should instead concentrate on building a better bus network.

If we really want to have a proper rail link to the airport a better option is probably placing a spur off the northern rail line somewhere after Clongriffen. There is plenty of green fields between it and the airport so it should be possible to do this. The problem with this approach is that you would need to sort the jam you would get at Connolly and the loop line bridge (or so I have been told). This would require a massive infrastructure project, either a new rail bridge or new tunnel to cross the liffey.

What I wonder is why can’t the main dig site be out near the airport, there is much more space at that end of the proposed tunnel to avoid having to upheave people for a number of years.