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Has anybody done analysis on whether a rail link to the airport is required??


I don’t think so. I read an article recently that claimed that the journey time from the airport to the city centre was actually one of the best in Europe, due to the express buses using the port tunnel. But people seem to be fixated on the mode of transport rather than the time taken.


Sure half the people using the airport are leaving the country.


The thinking is that it is an embarrassment that we do t have a rail link. Because every other European capital has one. Are we not one of the smallest capitals in Europe?


Have signed & shared. Heading towards 2000 signatures now.

Best of luck to Na Fianna and Home Farm in getting this moved.


Berlin doesn’t have a direct rail link to the city centre! Nor does Milan Linate. Like Dublin these are airports close to the city. Buses and taxis and cars can do the trick.


Agreed. I don’t think it’s a problem. Light rail works where you have space.


Berlin doesnt even have a decent airport. They have made a balls of their new one to replace the tatty shed that’s there. It was meant to open 7 years ago but still no sign of it. It may be finished in 2020.


SO much for German efficiency. You mean national stereotypes aren’t accurate hic


With regard to the Home Farm pitches, does this impact Rosmini too?


I’m very much in favour of light urban rail systems powered by electricity, it’s potentially the greenest way forward, heck I’m even if favour of the Metro. But this abomination of a plan needs to be fecked out.

I noted that the 2 Gaelscoils beside NaFianna have agreed to join together to battle this. Great I thought! Until I noticed that Home Farm’s name wasn’t included… Apparently there’s bad blood between Home Farm and the 2 Gaelscoileanna because they don’t coach soccer in the schools… This could hurt Home Farm now somewhat.

Anyway, I’m full square behind their efforts. You may see me wearing my Mun jersey as I lie down in front of a Bulldozer!


The government propose a 3 billion project that nobody seems too sure if it’s required. No outcry.

The government propose a 3 billion project that nobody seems sure if it’s required but impacts on some club grounds, massive outcry.

I’m not disputing that it’s major threat to Na Fianna and we may well get the right answer at end of the day with no metro…but it is a bit irish all the same.


Public transport from green energy is the way forward. So I disagree with your first paragraph, strongly.

I don’t see the issue with the 2nd paragraph either. It’s not as simple as “some club grounds”. It’s at the heart of a whole community, and 2 schools. Noel Rock knows he can’t let this go. It’s approx 4/5k votes at stake if this goes diddys up! You’re either fishing for a row, or being completely naive. Not sure which.


I’m not disputing green energy etc etc but what’s the intention of the metro to airport …many major cities don’t have rail link and there is excellent bus connections both north and south (given we spend 700 million on tunnel).

Certainly not fishing for a row and did highlight that maybe the right debate would now happen due to disruption to NaF being severe and not the 3 billion budget
My point is prior to the loss of the pitches and despite the projected spend of 3 billion on a project, there wasn’t much discussion on the metro…never a big time issue in public debate …despite the plan to spend 3 billion on it.


It was a pipe dream, now it’s starting to look like reality, hence the resumption of the debate… And I personally feel it would be money well spent, but that’s just because I believe in trying to help our poor bloody climate change predicament!


On climate change, is there a projection on impact of construction ?

Also, is there a market for the metro as opposed to cheaper green solution. Link across to dart.


Colm McCarthy raised some decent point about it. Might be behind a paywall.


Pardon my ignorance but what are the alternative routes proposed?


Through Farnham Drive …


Oi :triumph: