MetroLink / Na Fianna


Small change compared to the amount we pissed away covering banker’s gambling debts. At least there’ll be something to show for the money.

Look at the Luas Green Line. Never thought that would be popular in affluent car-owning bus-corridered and darted south Dublin. The howls of outrage now people can’t get on the thing tells you all you need to now.

If Metrolink opens up land for new housing, then it sounds like a good idea. The airport link is only a side benefit.

Still no excuse for acting the bollix during construction though.


So nimby? Is that not a bit Healy Rae?


Colm Mc Carthy is an economist who quotes scripture to suits himself, as they all do. Economists were put on earth to make astrologists look good. No more, no less. As it happens, the only one of them that accurately predicted what happened here in Ireland was Morgan Kelly.

There are two separate issues here and let’s not confuse them. We do need a decent rail link to Swords and the airport. Dublin is growing hugely and so are traffic levels. The M50 is a car Park and due to appalling planning and corruption, this will get worse. Therefore an underground rail system makes perfect sense. It is untouchable by traffic or other events at ground level.

Separate to that, they must be forced to find a different space for boring equipment etc and not touch Na Fianna or any other similar space. It is possible to be pro the rail link and also stand with Na Fianna.


It was a genuine question @DUB09 but good answer anyway. Surely the legal eagles will have to provide an alternative route hence the question. And surely the NTA and TII had more than one proposed route?

Oh and I doubt people in Finglas would moan about having a decent public transport service going through Finglas south as a lot of the time buses do not travel through there. And try getting on a 140 or 40 between 7:30-9am Monday to Friday without 4-5 of them passing by full


Just don’t see this happening…
(1) government commissioned 3 cost benefit reports but have yet to release them.

(2) projected cost seems deluded

Compare it with port tunnel.

  • Port tunnel is 4.5km in length while metro is proposed at 16km (10km under ground)
  • port tunnel cost 750milliom and finished in 2006… what would that far more basic structure cost now with inflation 1.2 billion

So a metro project that is 4 times longer (twice as long underground), far more complex and costly in terms of trains, stations , exit routes, security, power requirements, above ground construction access points etc and is being started almost 20 years (2002 against 2021) will only be 4 times dearer.

Not a hope.


The Graham lady was on Morning Ireland y’day and said this was the starting point of the process and seemed surprisingly open to alternatives. Maybe the Finance minister told her she was getting no money …


Building it is not just about today’s current needs. It’s about the future too. Dublin Airport is predicted to grow significantly over the next decade and BA’s purchase of Aer Lingus is partly driving it. You will prob see a 3rd terminal there soon as BA’s parent want Dublin to be a primary European hub for North America. It’s also about Swords, one of Ireland’s largest towns which will although served well by the port tunnel, it’s a bottle neck when you reach the quays.

The green issue is also pertinent and giving people choice to leave their cars at home. Similar size cities like Copenhagen are light years ahead of us. A functional city should allow people to move within it without driving and those links should be interconnected.

While the motorway infrastructure is good in Ireland rail is paying a serious price for it.


Was over in memphis last week ,only way of getting from airport was taxi, no rail link or buses back to city centre , this from an international airport with a city population of 670,000


Don t think the us is a good e.g of public transport provision. I think by not building an underground during the boom years we missed out. Our infrastructure is a port tunnel here a tram line there . A 5-6 line underground would have transformed dubliners lives . Quality of life improved considerably for the hard pressed commuter.


Maybe we’re not too bad in Ireland. I was in the US only once - New York - and there was no direct train into the city. They only had a bus that rattled and shook like a CIE single decker from the 50s.


Yep. Don’t forget there’s probably going to be a more flights to the Far East being added over the years in addition to the Hong Kong and Beijing routes launching in the summer.


Current links to airport seem more than adequate given the brilliant bus link that port tunnel offers to city centre. Far better than a lot of international locations.

Also many large cities are now evaluating what’s the tipping point of tourism numbers where ever growing number of tourists clog up local services to benefit of very few…Venice and Barcelona already fighting back the scourge of air b&b, clogged streets, public transport under stress.


Underground would have been much better than the LUAS particularly in light of the Cross City opening which has made a complete bollox of traffic in town


Did your teeth come out?


Must have changed by now I think.
We had to fly from memphis into newark airport and there is a rail link to take you into Penn station


Port tunnel is an excellent facility and does the job it was designed to do very well. And your right it’s a great way to get to the quays quickly. Other than that I’m not sure. Be interesting to get the view of people on here who use it for their commute from non quays locations.

I took two recent rush hour aircoach trips from the RDS via the tunnel to the airport. One of them took 1.30hrs, the other longer. The bus couldn’t get through town but from the tunnel to the airport the journey is 10 minutes.


That’s an interesting point: at what stage does a city cease to function for or meet the needs of its citizens due to business considerations. As you mention, Airbnb is having a huge impact on community cohesion and rents, and to that you can add hotels - how many do you need, particularly considering it’s land that could be used for housing (again the impact on community cohesion).

Kind of long-term considerations you just know nobody in government or the civil service are looking at.


Disgraceful waste of money when you consider the crises in housing and health.


And how long did it take to complete the port tunnel? 5/6 years. Na Fianna could be out of Mobhi rd for 10 years.


Over 4 years…
Metro far more complex a project…6 years would be conservative IMO plus there would extra year for the grass