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Dublin is hitting this in record time, I suspect due to airbnb. If you look at the bus system it’s completely unsuited to flash floods of passengers from large groups of tourists and yet there’s no willingness to acknowledge that a tipping point for tourism in this country even exists


Na Fianna will do well out of this financially and will also get their pitch back after construction. Everybody just wants their slice of the Metro cash and fair play to them for getting out there early and stating their case.

Ultimately they don’t own the land, and some things are more important than accomodating a GAA club who can play their games a few hundred yards down the road for a few years.


This should be interesting


Na Fianna wouldn’t need to look very far to see where money can destroy a gaa club.

However, they’ve 2 issues (1) it appears that that don’t own the grounds (2) they have club debt of over 1.3million in 2016. Whoever holds that debt may see this as opportunity to get the money back a lot quicker and could force their hand.


Dub09 s tab at the bar when settled will clear most of it.


What pitch then will they play at down the road so?


St Clare’s?


I m being nit picky at clank saying down the road , just to highlight his lack of nous regarding the situation. There are no pitches available “down “ the road. Up the road at st clare s I m not sure how much of these pitches are available. Na Fianna welcomed collinstown from Nama as it alleviated pressure to find pitches to accommodate all the juvenile teams. Access and egress to na Fianna during the construction phase I can t see how the club and the schools can operate safely. Imo this is a softening up exercise so far and a lot more upheaval is ahead if this project procedes.


I think, like most college pitches, st Clare’s probably not over used by college teams especially at weekends. In fairness, st Clare’s would be ideal as no distance away. (They’ll be so much cash floating on this project that they may build clubhouse there to use for the 7 years)

Niall moyna tweeted that Dcu had 10 unused acres next door to na Fianna that was option (on Griffith avenue I presume).

Trinity have huge complex in santry/ballymun road.


Not sure where those 10acres are ? Possibly behind st Michael’s house on Ballymun Rd. I play 5 a side in trinity sports on Tuesday. The Dublin hurlers train there and various sports teams serious and not so serious use a lot of the facilities.


Fair play to be still going if you were on the hill in '83 :grinning:


Class is permanent, the young lads in their late 30s do the running.


He was 23 in 83


12 in 83 for the record. 82 was first year going to matches ah the memories, getting hammered by Offaly.


12 (apostles) is synonymous with 83.


You tell 'em Mrs King!


Which would be grand if the port tunnel wasn’t closed every second day. It was closed again this morning due to an accident off Sheriff St.


I presume that he is talking about the land at the back of Albert College. Might have been a nursing home there at one stage or some sort of hospital. Might have been called Hampstead.
But then again I could be way off the mark


Nursing home is still there afaik. The missus was only getting prices there recently …


will you still have internet access in there?