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Trading you in for a younger model ?


Dunno but as long as I can play my 78s on the ould phonogram I don’t really mind.


Apparently some fairly hot 70 year olds there …


This thread has suddenly become extremely funny!


What are we talking about?


There there now - don’t go upsetting yourself, at your age!! We all forget things from time to time!


Yeh nursing home still there, its ran by highfield who have the bigger place in Whitehall.


Serious amount of land there


As I was just saying to the lads yesterday.


Jonny Cooper and his ilk diving out in front of diggers at the sight of them driving up Mobhi Road.


We have some contacts in South Armagh who may come in handy in the coming time … ahem …


Dont think he was referring to that land as he mentioned DCU owned land
Its private land with care homes and is linked to Highfield healthcare up in whitehall.
(I think whitehalls new pitch was originally part of highfield healthcare land until it was used by port tunnel for number of years and then some deal was done for whitehall to take as pitches after port tunnel were finished.

I think Niall Moyna was referring to 10 acres of land on Griffith avenue.


In ‘The Great Escape’ the lads managed to dig a tunnel out of a German Prisoner of War camp with little more than a stiff upper lip to help them! They also did all of the digging from one end. For the metro, they should just start drilling from north county Dublin (don’t mess with The Geese!!) and once the drill is underground, don’t take it out until they reach the other end. They can spread the soil on gardens like in the film. Win win situation as I see it!


Let them send the tunnelling drills in through the botanic gardens, only full of ould flowers an shyte


Anyone recall the Irish international soccer player who “stsrred” in that film


Kevin o Callaghan formerly of Ipswich town and his finest moment came in a 3-3 draw v spain in 1983(I was on the hill for the all Ireland that year Incase you did nt know)


Actually that was escape to victory which is what Kevin o Callaghan starred.


Was it Steve McQueen from Bohs?


Was that not “Escape to Victory” with Stallone, Bobby Moore and Pele?