Documentary about the man himself on RTE1 on Monday night at 21:30 looks like a good watch.


How much is Colm Cooper getting for this?



That’s not news. He tells that story every time he’s asked about it. I hope it’s more than just rehashed old tales.


Made the mistake of reading his autobiography a good few years back, lost a lot of respect I had for him after that, self gratuitous and came across as a knob. Read Paidi’s after and he went up in my estimation, we would have loved that lunatic if he was a Dub.


Started reading it - was it with Breheny?! Gave up very early on.


Has Micko given any interviews/opinion on the Dublin teams of the last 7 years? I’d love to know in what level of esteem he holds them.


I’m not sure I’d be bothered to hear his views on that to be honest - I’m sure it would be ah sure nothing compares to his team and sure football isn’t the way it used to be etc .


If he’s still sick about '82 I can’t say he was too happy about '11 :joy:…and the rest…


Yerra yerra yerra…I love this game
…I love the auld football…


Micko is just a contrary south Kerry man. Mick o Connell is the same. They do nothing but give the ■■■■ out. Football in my day yada yada. Listening to o Connell recently he would rather have played soccer if he had the option it seems. O Dwyer won t give the dubs too much praise or any at all in case it threatens his legacy. Mick foley s book kings of September about 82 is a great read and if we are good enough to get into a position of going for a fifth in a row we could learn from Kerry s mistakes.


By not printing ‘5 in a row’ t-shirts?


I think we’ve had our seamus Darby moment , Donegal '14. There’s your 5 in a row scuppered .


6 in a row


Or arguing about where the victory parade should be. Their arrogance got the better of their yerraness that year.


Have met him a couple of times when he was managing Kildare and gracious and engaging he would not be by any stretch.

Doubt he would be too complimentary re this Dublin team. Has strongly predicted Kerry win every time we’ve played Kerry. Not sure about recent AIF but tipped Mayo in each of the games against us too.


Heart ruling the head there , but sure who can blame him .


Yeah it was with Breheny, a load of gick


Always felt the biggest blip in his career was his stint in Laois, I reckon with good management they could possibly have gone the whole way, the talent was there but in order to achieve overnight success he called on too many of the successful under age teams at once, IMO if he had taken a more gradual approach the long term results would have been better.
I think his Kildare stint was a bit of a farce, importing players etc, including his own sons. There is no doubting that the Kerry team had serious talent and even I could have won an All Ireland with them, but to hold the post for so long with so much success cannot have been easy and he must have had some amount of player management skills to control the animals.


He almost single-handedly introduced the notion of intercounty managers being paid, which he continues to lie about. Watching him with his air of smugness, while he yerrahs away, thinking he is the cute Kerry man, makes me want to puke. Kerry were fitter than everyone else in the 70s, apart from us. That was certainly down to him. However the game was stacked in their favour as they only had to beat Cork to get to Croke Park. They are in a predominantly hurling province, after all. He did Kerry some service but he did huge harm to amateurism.