Listening on radio just now to him going into dubs dressing room after we beat them in 87 league final , and he is basically blowing smoke up our ass , " great that you beat us today , it’s great to have a rivalry again blah blah .
He hated losing to us as much as heffo hated losing to them.


Indeed …


OKIn fairness, I’d imagine he had 12 AI won (4 as player and 8 as manager), before he got the serious bob in other counties.
TBH money well spent in most cases as he raised Kildare, Laois and Wicklow to a level rarely seen before or since.
At least he gave value for money unlike some of the charlatans toting themselves around the dublin club scene.
Has his faults like all but that kerry team were something special and over such a timespan.


Your point displays exactly the damage I am speaking of. He was a pioneer in the normalisation of paying managers…‘money well spent’. QED.


Great stuff.

O’hehir was some commentator " Eoin liston, Hollywood image of a Quaker"…one I hadn’t heard before.


Yeh but there were a lot of great personalities in that team, not like the team of the 00s. Bar Spillane and may Der Bomber they were almost all to a man modest individuals, at least in public, and dignified. I think Micko damaged his own legacy a little bit since the 80s but some of the 00s crew have damaged Kerry’s legacy


That Seamus Darby goal :grin::clap:


Agree, but I wouldn’t it was all that easy to keep the likes of Paidi under control, not because of ego or anything, just a nutter.


Had a dig at Laois towards the end of the programme :grin:


"Should have won 9 in a row "
Hope we are saying the same in 5 years time :laughing:


I actually enjoyed it and felt a bit for him. There is certainly a selfishness about him but he wouldn’t be unique in that. Surprised that Paidi got no mention.


Tbf you could say we should be going for 8 in a row this year :laughing:


If we were O’Rourke would be in a strait jacket …


Thought it was good documentary. Some life and some achievements everywhere he went. Very clear from Micko himself that he and Heffo didn’t get on. That was some rivalry they had as players and managers.


That’s not news either.

I don’t know that there was a single piece of new information in the whole programmer.


Never heard the story about his mother .


I didn’t know his first car was a Chevy … or that horse trainers give jockeys mini bars …


Sure he drove it to Dunleavy, but, Dunleavy was dry…


Sure there’s guys logging on here day after day and never offer anything new…and yet we return.:wink:

His prime playing years were 50 years ago and his prime managerial years 30 years ago…unlikely to have anything massively new for the keen observer but documentary aimed at the large number of viewers outside of o byrne cup season ticket holders.
Enjoyable I thought and defined him for many as greatest gaa manager.


That was a great watch. A legend of the game