Wolly wasn’t a fan


If Micko ever had any real ambition after Kerry he’d have sought and got a big job. He went into jobs where basically he couldn’t lose, any success with those counties and he’s a hero and a legend, not much (or in his case no more) success and “sure what can anyone do with those counties?” Smart moves in fairness though.

Maybe no other major county wanted him…


God that’s awful begrudging claptrap.
He went to 3 counties with no recent success and, in each of them, they achieved their best results for up to 80 years.
Nonsense to suggest, he had nothing to lose.
After 8 AI titles with Kerry, he could have failed in Laois, Kildare or Wicklow… if he’d achieved nothing in each of those 3 counties, people would have said “sure, it was the players in kerry that made him great”. He had everything to lose but a lot to gain by showing that even in unsuccessful counties he could prove his mantle as best manager ever.


Yerra yerra yerra… wasn’t I great…twinkle…wasn’t Kerry great…yerra…wink…platitude…yerra… dollar …cash…petrol…houses…free car…yerra… …cute hoor…pay under the table or however but pay me…yerra…and let’s not mention Paidi or lads drinking themselves to death or any other inconvenient truths…yerra…


In fairness, at 82 years of age, Micko is old school.
I’m sure if he was managing these days, he’d adhere to new rules of saying something but nothing with all the emotion of SIRI


Parkinson calling someone a bluffer … :smirk:


… and the helicopter trips to train Kildare?


I see the washing machine puns have been taken to the cleaners by some Bold person.


Question is Beeko, will you swap?


His passion for cars explains his crazy commutes up and down in the country for alll those years. Waterville is a long way away especially when the roads were crap.


Would love to know how close he was to getting it if indeed he was in the running

None of the three supposed favourites were actually appointed in the end.


Please tell me you’re joking?

Mileage was what explains the crazy commutes. Nothing else.


I don’t understand the bitterness towards him for getting paid a few quid


No problem with it but he was blatantly going on about it last night , pretty much an up yours to the gaa . Not really in line with the keepers of the flame ethos .


He began it and look where we are now. Mercenaries all over the place who represent the polar opposite of what the GAA is supposed to be all about.


I enjoyed the doc and have no real issue with him it but it amuses me to see the gushing twitter comments that Micko represents all that is good in the GAA when …

And from people who love to get stuck into the moneyed Dubs … ho hum …


I enjoyed it. Sure sometimes an old reminisce is great. Not shy about the commercial deals either


Actually all the Kerry tweets were more “Micko represents all that I love in the GAA” which is a a subtle difference and explains why every ex kerry footballer these days is milking it all up.


It would have happened anyway, it’s pretty harsh to put the blame all on one person


More power to them. The amateur argument is a shambles. There’s plenty administrators making good coin