It was a self-serving, dishonest dirge. That is why I have such issues with him. He sells the notion of being a ‘player’s man’ and a ‘true GAA man’ when he was in it for himself, first and foremost. His actions opened the floodgates because he was so high profile. Unless people in a number of counties are ALL lying, he demanded and was paid big money everywhere he went. Yet the myth they sell is that he spread the gospel to the weaker counties. Nonsense. He typically went to rich counties who already had potential. End of.


And why is that an issue?


Because it is dishonest. He did more harm to the amateur ethos than any other individual. He refuses to admit that.


Lot of people on Twitter claiming how ‘humble’ he was. Didn’t come across like that to me on the TV.


I don’t think he ever painted himself as a staunch amateur. He’s been fairly open about his commercial endeavours. The fact that he/they were never taken to task is the real issue. I have no issue with him making a living out of it if there was no effort to stop him.


They fined them for the Adidas deal , no ?
Well I mean Kerry CB . He didn’t receive any sanctions ?


500 pound fine for a 20k deal. Lip service.


Can you back that up with any proof or facts? It sounds like you have a personal issue with him that’s clouding your judgement


Found that hilarious. Fining them £500 for receiving 20k.


Low cost protection money.


I’ll say this until the day I die. The gaa rulebook and it’s non application of it is the biggest stumbling block to progress


Jaysus, some awful begrudgery going on here from the purists. Good player, good manager who got a little comp along the way. So what. Probably very little in comparison to the hours put in. He served the game well and it’s not like he was lighting Cubans with 50 euro bills on his yacht.


The problem is there were tens of thousands of others doing the same work at club and county level who neither asked for nor received anything for their efforts.

I don’t begrudge him because I don’t believe the GAA exists to enrich me. I have nothing in common with anyone like that in a GAA sense.

And it was more than a little he got.


Lots of people do different things for different reasons.


Are you suggesting that he was not paid? Do you know anyone high up in the GAA in any of the counties who hired him? Even in the clubs? Go and ask them.


O’Dwyer was/is “open and honest about his commercial stuff”? In other words, he is/was a cynical mercenary who exploited opportunity to suit. And can get away with it blatantly because of who he is, was, and where he’s from.

“ODwyer brought the gospel to the great unwashed”? Eh, as someone stated above, he went to places with more money than sense, places with some young talent, and by dint of his motivational skills and charisma, and yes, by bringing ambition and expectation he produced a big improvement. Of course he did because those counties were rubbish at the time he took over.
Then in what was it, 10 years with Kildare they won two Leinster titles. That was indeed a measure of success. Laois had more talent available, they won one Leinster and didn’t get within an asses roar of an All Ire final.
If I was a cynic I’d say ODwyer came to Leinster to get more of his lifetime fix, beating Dublin, because he was very unlikely to win All Irelands.

“ODwyer had a great love of cars, that’s why he could do all the mileage”. Some people will lap anything up.

“ODwyer brought glamour to Leinster GAA.” Indeed. But at the time Meath and Dublin were all the glam it really needed. OK there were some extra great battles, which we won all but 3 of, out of about 11 head to heads.


I enjoyed it .It was as much about his football life as getting old and not been able to physically do the things you loved doing when you were younger , as o dwyer said near the end of the programme " old age it’s a curse ".It will come to us all one day .


He did come mighty close to winning an all Ireland in Kildare in 2008, something they haven’t been within an asses roar since or before. They beat us and the two previous all Ireland champions on the way

I know the standard wasn’t that high but they gave an on fire galway a v good game - I think they led at half time before Galways sharp shooters hit form


Mick O’dwyer and his team were one half of Dublin/kerry football saga of the 70s. It’s rightly regarded as one the greatest sport rivalaries by gaa and non gaa fans alike. For that I will be forever grateful for his part. Despite our present teams greatness, this decade is unlikely to be remembered by non Dubs with the same sense of nostalgia because we never had a real rival or a man like Micko to lead them (thank f#ck).


??? Mayo, no???