Mayo?? I wasn’t born when they were a rival to somebody. Both teams have to win with a little frequency for it to be called a rivalary.


why what have they won?


Are they not the people’s champions?



Language Timothy!


Kerry 11, Kerry 13 semi (greatest game of my lifetime) Kerry 15, Kerry 16. Just cause we won them all doesn’t mean they weren’t really close, great games.


Mayo’s great coach has been The Peepil of Ireland. And didn’t the Guru of our Times allegedly help out at some stage? I’d say Micko probably stuck his toe in at some stage too. Sure Kerry folk are always saying they’d love Mayo to win if Kerry get knocked out? Mind you those sort of comments might be put on ice after this year. :smirk:


Would be some craic if he became available & the O’Shea contingent kicked up again & ousted Rochford to bring him in :laughing:


Judging by how JMcG handled his relationships at Donegal, I’d imagine personalities like O’Shea and COC would probably be shown the door fairly sharpish by JMcG if he were to get the Mayo gig


Jaysus it’s a rivalry lads - even if they’re not winning. It’s a bigger rivalry than Kerry this decade!


Oh yeah I agree with that. I was just saying our battles with Kerry have also been epic since 11.


Through, but they had more than Micko as outside help.


So part of your argument against him is:

  • he exploited an opportunity to suit
  • he used "motivation and charisma " on the available “young talent” to generate increased “ambition and expectation” to bring “big improvement”
  • he only was deemed a success in likes of kildare managing them to 2 Leinster titles and an AI final appearance after decades of nothing because they were “rubbish when he took over”.


Not at all, sure he openly admits that himself, probably no need to waste the mileage driving around the clubs and counties he managed.

I was asking you to back up your sweeping statement that “he did more harm to the amateur ethos than any other individual” with a few facts and a bit of proof


Hyperbole not good enough for you.



I’ve told him a million times not to exaggerate