Minor Club Hurling 2018


How many in Jude’s area??? I’m not sure if anyone is eating in as you put it. I do know that the catchment area is not half as big as some would like to think.


2500 houses which would be less than 10% of rathfarnham, knocklyon, ballycullen firhouse etc combined

The catchment area of boden is one of the most densely populated in the city and well able to sustain a 2nd club…


Well off you go, there’s a mission calling for your leadership


so how many houses in Boden catchment area ?? even to the nearest 5000


As I’ve said I have no idea. How many in Jude’s??? Large area all the way to Ballyfermot for Jude’s or would Rober Emmets impact on that route. Both have large numbers available to them but it’s more about the schools th kids go to rather than the area they are from. I have a neighbour who has his 4 kids in BSJ as they went to the gaelscoil, on the flip side we have two life long Crokes men with their kids in Boden due to proximity and schools they are in. It’s obvious you have a problem with Boden so I’ll let you get on with it.


Ok… Who has assumed that Ballyboden St Enda’s have half of South Dublin sewn up and where?


Don’t forget that St Olaf’s absorbed (for want of a better word) the Dundrum/Chuchtown club, two very decent size parishes in themselves.


Going back over old threads the common theme has been that Boden have the largest catchment area in Ireland, I was just being facetious.


how many houses ballpark do Boden have in their catchment area ?


Can you not read??? See above for knowledge on that matter.


sorry i missed you telling us you havent a clue and you asking me again how many in Judes.

In case you think i have it in for Boden I equally feel that additional clubs are required in the Lucan catchment area.

I agree that schools are the major decider in where kids go, so how many primary schools are feeding into Boden ??

There are 3 for Judes one of which has circa 40 pupils…


Or making lazy assumptions that that was what was being claimed?

Who would have a bigger (population) catchment area than Ballyboden, out of interest?

For what it’s worth, I have a lot of respect for what BBSE have achieved in hurling over the last 15 years, or so and what they have contributed to various Dublin teams in that time. They raised the bar in club hurling in Dublin and other clubs have tried to follow or surpass.


there are 10 counties with less in my opinion


They drove the standard which Cuala are now matching/surpassing.


Are you counting boys and girls schools as Boden would put equal importance in catering for both boys and girls schools. Hopefully that clears it up @beeko.


I’m lost now.


Lost cause was talking about schools in catcment areas


But your post still doesn’t make sense to me (reading it).


I was seeking clarification on was it both boys and girls schools he was referring to.


And I’m still not sure in the post whether you’re making a statement or asking a question. Maybe you could read it back yourself and amend is, as you see fit?