Minor Club Hurling 2018


Defences on top in that game


Last round of games for minor hurling is next Sunday 15th before a 6 week break until championship. Stil 4 rounds to be played in both south and north div 2 leagues that will probably never be played. That will mean only 4 games in the space of 3 weeks for the entire summer!. It’s no wonder lads just drop off at minor level and stop playing . Further proves the blatant disregard to hurling at minor level in Dublin. There is no reason why at least 2 of these games can’t be played over the 6 weeks.


Clubs had the chance to put minor under the remit of CCC2. They should have. It’s lost at adult level.


Couldn’t agree more Alan,

It’s lunacy


Just makes no sense at all not to be playing hurling in the summer months. Between the revised leagues and fixtures it’s very hard to get lads up to play on a weekly basis. God only knows what way they will structure the championship! Grading teams based on league positions after 4/5 matches including 3 matches straight after the leaving where teams are missing loads of players due to holidays. Also Dublin minors haven’t being playing either.


Take a look at the recent results and see how many minor games have actually been played. It’s all very well CCC fixing games and getting results - mostly through walk overs - to finish out leagues. That does nothing for the game or for the improvement of hurling or football players.
Like it or not holidays are a huge factor with minors. Many still go away with their family for weeks and don’t be available to play with their Clubs. The fixtures breaking this week is just the CCC facing up to that reality.


Spot on @Boarddelegate1 it’s the situation alright - hard to see how to change it when you have division 1 and 2 teams not able to field teams in the summer due to holidays with many having long spells away - is it more a ‘dublin’ issue ? Do other counties experience this problem?


If they do they just get on with it.

I spoke to a Tipperary U14 development squad manager about ten years ago. They’d just given us the mother and father of a hiding in a challenge in DCU. I asked him if he had been training much as the Tony Forristal was coming up. He told me he had hardly seen the team as they were playing club games all through the summer. Our lads hadn’t had a club game in weeks. Which explained why they were sharp as a tack and we got our arses handed to us. A small bit of research showed that we were the exception to the rule. Everyone else was playing games except us.

Hurling is a summer game. If fellas are away you just get on with what you have. Lads can play up. I know there are some legitimate issues with some clubs but if you don’t want to play it’s a handy excuse. Vins have been good enough at minor the last few years in hurling and I for one am getting tired of seeing the championship latter stages being played in muck and shite.

When I was on CCC2 we brought in a rule that allowed clubs flexibility, by agreement, to move games to a date that suited them within a certain timeframe. Seemed to work well although even then there were naysayers. Maybe minor needs to do the same.


My issue would be with the set up from the off. Two years in a row (possibly more) where the leagues were changed after they had begun. It surely cannot be that hard to arrange leagues. I know teams are asked at the start of the season what league they wish to enter but anyone with any knowledge of the age groups would know if someone is trying to pull a fast one to get into an “easier” league or if somebody has looked to go to a division that is beyond them.

As was mentioned earlier there are games in leagues that will most likely not be played at all. Championship starts in September and is normally ran until the middle to end of November. Do they really expect the leagues to start back up then? Id expect a mail to be sent out to clubs to arrange the remaining league games between themselves if they want them played.


100% agree with this.


Can anyone confirm the minor hurling championship gradings. I see a few of the fball ones were changed last night after the original proposed gradings. 4 teams were moved back up to A and rightly so. Mixing Div 1 and Div 3 teams in the B hurling championship won’t work well that’s for sure! Surely any club strong enough with any ambition at all should ask to compete in the highest grade possible, few teams in the B that will dish out absolute hammerings.


A Champs for Hurling
Ballyboden St Endas
Kilmacud Crokes
Lucan Sarsfields
Na Fianna
St O. Plunketts ER
St Vincents
Whitehall Colmcille



Ballinteer St Johns
Erins Isle
Kilmacud Crokes
Naomh Barrog
Naomh Mearnog
Ros Lusca
Round Towers ©
St Brigids
St Judes
St Peregrines
St Sylvesters
Thomas Clarke Gaels
Thomas Davis


Castlenock in the B? I can’t see how they came to that conclusion other than Lucan asked to be put back into the A and Castlenock wanted to be in the B. Castlenock are to strong for this grade. I think their league results without their dublin minors speak for itself.


I don’t think any league results will count for anything come championship time. The leagues are a farce.
I presume they don’t do seedings for the groups?


Castleknock Dublin Minors are all U16 and don’t play club minor.


I’ve seen their minors first hand and they can easily compete in the A championship if not win it. An excellent side. I’d be very surprised to see Dublin minors not playing with that team in the championship.


No seedlings. Open draw with div 1 2 3 4 teams!


Are they all too old for that?


Problem is this year the U16 football championship is being run at the same time. Up to this year it was March to May. U16 Hurling is also on at this time. If I were Castleknock there’s no way I’d be playing my best 16s on consecutive days in championship games in both codes for weeks on end. And that’s before you talk about schools games.

If their minors should be in the A on merit then so be it. But you cannot take 16s into the equation. And with due respect here’s no way a Division 2 team is going to win the minor A championship. Cannot ever remember that happening.