Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Ref v fussy


Same as last week. Destroying ourselves with indiscipline.


Cork number 7 and 12 doing a lot of damage.


Any score for someone abroad


Any link to this?

I’m away and tg4 doesn’t work in the region.


7-3 to Cork.


Loosing 7pts to 3pts


Great free from Currie 7-4


Cork HB line dominating, winning all the breaks


Dublin half forward line getting cleaned out of it


Dublin HF line is very poor, not doing anything.

Turnbull having an off day, three awful wides so far.


2 Dublin goal chances, needed just a flick and both players go for big swings. Madness.


Very reliant on Currie but Cork very wasteful. Are they missing their main forward? Injured?


Missed goal chance from 2feet


Currie playing really well - forwards look lively if we can get ball into them.

Have to say I am sick to death of seeing Dublin hurlers at all levels getting horsed off the ball when trying to lift it. :confused:

Going ok now - good save there to deny us a goal. 7-4 - bad miss from 65 there


Yes, Sheehan is injured.


Cork have a better spread clearly up front. Ball into their forwards has been excellent. We’ve given away awful frees. Not looking good


Really? Looks like we are very reliant on Turnbull to me.


Goal chances definitely there. 11 to 1-4 now scrappy kicked goal


He really is . Should be red button for him . Do vee me egg dull sios an rode air mo wicycle agus mo gas air mo garrier …