Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Long frees not going over. Need to look at dropping them in short


Team has had the same problems all year. They have not been rectified. Defence very soft considering they were supposed to have toughened up.

Blessed to still be in this game. Cork’s wide count is the only thing keeping us in it.


A lot of missed chances on both sides. We can’t win our own puck outs and cork winning all the rucks. Definitely goals there to be had


Not sure how Dublin are still in touch but they are. At least 5 goal chances and only one concerted. Few scoreable frees missed too but Cork have had some poor misses too


Turnball winning a lot of ball but has missed a handy 1-3. Must be about 6-7 different cork players off the mark


Finty wouod need to have a rethink on puckouts. We can’t catch one, we don’t pull in the air and our positioning to win breaking ball in awful. It is Cork’s fault we are still in this. They will be out of sight in 15 mins unless we get at least one more goal and start winning puckouts.


Cork 15 has the skinning of his man but has hit a few poor wides, if a dub forward hit some of those there’d be murder on here

Need to up the pace and aggression in second half but stop with the silly frees, this ref is v fussy so need to adapt to him


Very reliant on Currie. Dubs mf and hf non existent. Why are we going right side all the time with puck out? Cork are clogging up that side all the time and winning our puckouts.
Agree Cork wides keeping us in it, we need to spread the ball more and get others involved in game.


Missed peno killed us last week


Not a massive amount in it for the peno it we’ll take it. Awful miss.


There are no words at this stage.


It’s criminal that someone cannot get a shot on target from a penalty


Cork hf wide open on puck out


Ref now taking the piss


Half of these frees won’t be blown in senior match


Hasn’t really stepped up the team manager wise as I would have hoped. Last week was a huge chance missed too. Currie moves very similar to a young Danny. Connery is a serious player for Cork


What’s that for ffs


Why are we persisting with a free taker who clearly is off his game? Especially with Murphy taking then so well last week.

Farcical refereeing at this stage. Shocking stuff.


Christ a yellow for nothing


Currie has hit 5 frees wide and only scored 2