Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Cork no 15 got 3 handy frees there


17 scores to 7


But has been our best player still. Cork by far the better team


Another miss.

Management team have really shot their bolt last week and today.


Yea, says or all. Currie still on the frees for some reason. Another wide.


I know it’s a thankless task but management clueless here. No plan. No changes.


Agreed. But he’s not a free taker. That was obvious earlier in the year.


Why are we persisting with the same free taker. We could be slowly getting back into this is those were going over.


Getting more dispiriting the more it goes on … :frowning:

Worked with young Connery’s uncle many moons ago. Gas man.


Only decent point Lyng has made, move Currie into forwards for frees, let someone else take them .


Makes things interesting for the last 15.


That was a wild pull


Hon the dubs, run at these guys


■■■■ the sweeper, get spare man in FF, lamp the highball in…,


Somebody ring Clandillon FFS…:sunglasses:


Someone take the whistle off this joker


Wild shots from centre field are not what’s needed now. Cool heads. High percentage shots.


In fairness if it went over…


Infairness if my aunty had balls…


This is there for the winning if they had direction. Why is there still a sweeper ??