Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Because it’s in the DNA of Dublin managers that you must play with a sweeper.

Refs like this one absolutely destroy the game of hurling.


Not all of them but I take your point.


Stating the obvious but there is a serious lack of belief in this Dublin side.


Taking positives here. We need inter county forwards for our senior team and currie looks a real prospect


Last week was our chance. Much better team. This team has had the same problems all year. They have been ruthlessly exposed by Cork.

So many Dublin minor teams seem to regress as the year goes on.


Not good enough on the sideline either last week or this week.


AGreed. Have mixed the good with the bad, but some good players on that team nonetheless.


Im not blaming the ref at all, but jaysus hes fucking terrible.


Charging there. Dublin man should have taken his point earlier with four minutes ET.


Agree. That’s also without corks best forward. Cork are good but far from unbeatable on today’s viewing.


Yea he looks a very good player.


Goal but too late


Trumbull making up for his earlier wides


Turnbull is made of jelly for gods sake, he’s seriously good at winning frees

There will be huge regrets again this year…


Puts a gloss on it.


Massive physical development needed for him over the next couple of years but deffo a prospect


Better team won without a doubt.Really hope never to see that ref again though


Lost on the sideline from what I could see. Free taker should have been changed. Sweeper a disaster. 15 minutes a man up and never got the deficit down.


That’s two frees against Dubs when Cork barging…
Agree lack of belief from Dubs.


Yea, looks very young.