Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


He should be thanking ref for man of the match award. Gave him everything


Hope you’re joking mate. What particular frees did you take umbridge with?


Lose by 4. Missed penalty and 4/5 frees.They had man sent off .We persisted with a sweeper and sane free taker. Cork were poor on the day and there for taking.


He got 3 frees in a row at start of second half when barely any contact made. Referee wasn’t the difference. Missed goal chances,frees/penalty cost Dublin


A lot of them. On both sides. He was shocking. If the senior game is riffed like that there’ll be a hundred frees in the game.


Both weeks we’d missed penos, last week would’ve made a huge difference. A lot of curries frees were from way out the field to be fair.


I was talking about against Turnbull specifically. Ref was very picky in general, not sure how he ‘gave’ frees to just Turnbull.


50/50 ball with young ODonnell, both go for the ball, Your man hits the deck and does an aul roll, free in. Not in hurling lad.

The next free, your 11 barges into our man who stood his ground, free in. Joke. There were many others like that in the game.

Whilst Cork were marginally the better team, make no mistake, we should have won that.


He got some really handy decisions, you can’t deny that.


Oh, and good luck to ye in the final😄


I thought we were well beaten on the day


Lack of belief a huge issue imo - not sure how you can tackle that other than by beating Munster teams regularly - at all levels. We never seem to have that cute and cleverness either … just done seem to play clever. And the horsing off the ball.

Once we get all that sorted …


It’s an ok team . It was never a contender


25 mins in I would have said the same, thought we brought the game to them in the second half. They would have been told to stop us further out the field and let us take our chances with the long range balls, which they knew we were having a problem with. The penalty and even a 50% conversion rate on the frees would have made it interesting.

Last week a fella told me we would be slaughtered. As said elsewhere, a little more belief and more clinical finishing puts us in the melting pot at the end of the game.Pain in the hole losing to Munster opposition again…


Couldn’t agree with that at all B.


But it’s the finishing that’s the issue. However Currie is a very natural forward. Best forward I’ve seen in years. I think Enda O Donnell could make a good senior hurler too. Hard to make a huge case for others. The 17’s were better.

Things look gloomy but lads like Currie, Donal Burke, Cian O Sullivan will be excellent forwards at senior level for Dublin if given time.


that this team was a contender? I thought we did wellt o make the last 4


Could have won that game


In my view Cork had a higher technical skill level 1-15.


So we couldn’t have won the game then?