Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Never at any stage looked like winning. Nearly fell asleep watching it


While you were nodding off we missed some goal chances and frees. Could’ve won us the match. But they were the better team.


Exactly so the best tram won. :grinning:


I didn’t see any trams there??? :wink:

The best team won but we could have won!


I know we got a late goal to put a gloss on the score line but felt more than 4 point margin would’ve been s but harsh. Missed penos cost us in both games. Shame.


Cork were marginally better, I don’t think they were better 1-15. Our problem is we let them play hurling. If we were to play like Waterford just played their big lads, we’d beat them. Our lack of belief is staggering sometimes. Skill and lovely hurling is always…well lovely really isnt it. We need to be cuter, tighter and more physical with these teams. We’re producing good hurlers and good teams, we are on an upward curve, it’s slow but it’s working


Thought Ben coffey won a good bit of scrappy ball from rucks when we were losing the majority of that kind of stuff. @CDG Cork seemed a bit bigger, but sometimes the Tv can be deceptive, was that the case live?

Thought we were good second half, no massive skill gap for me really, just had too much to do. Thought Cork got some soft enough frees and we missed a peno and a fair few frees, which would have made it much closer in a 4 point game. all if and buts of course but fought till the end well and a few nice hurlers on the team.

u21 next few years should be strong based on those two teams this year.


To produce strong senior panels the key is for us to be competing at this stage annually , winning underage is only icing on cake


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Proven to be completely wrong in Dublin case


Yea, i’d rather be getting to this stage and being competitive then not getting here. the issue with player development is the u21 grade being bloody knockout means that if you get a tough draw you could play well but get beaten by the AI winners first day out and you’re done.


But we can’t give up on it either…


Hasn’t worked for us really . We need to be winning at least some .


Well ideally we’d land one at some point. Would argue that we were going in the right direction at senior (winning league and Leinster, beating kk in championship) till some langer blew it up by falling out with half the panel. We need to get back to top 4/5 and then hope for a season like this.

You said yourself that Waterford don’t have the forwards tipp have but they’re in the final, so Dublin can do the same with a full panel.


Well beg to differ, benefits of last year / this year will be circa 2021 or 2022 to translate to senior


Just home from Croker. It’s annoying me all afternoon - what are we coaching young players to do? I lost count of the number of times two of our full back line tried to contest balls with just one hand on the stick. It is virtually impossible to play hurling without using both hands yet we always seem to have players who think that they can always do it with only one. The fact that our opponents regularly win balls and score against our one handed players doesn’t seem to register with our coaches or players.


What benefits ?

Translate to what exactly ? Don’t say all Ireland semi finals and Leinster titles . We e been there


We were miles behind Cork and never a contender. If they took the handy points available in first half, the fame was over at half time.


But they didn’t. If we took our chances we would have bet them. And that’s a fact.


If. If. If.

We didn’t win.

Truth be told we never looked like winning. No real comparison between today and last week. That was one we really left behind us. Today they were a much better team. The goal at the end just put a gloss on the scoreline.

Terribly disappointed with the line. Up to today they seemed to try and play the right way. Believe in the team and let them hurl. Someone above mentioned the team seemed to lack confidence. I have no doubt that this is because they played a sweeper for the first time this year which is usually an admission that you think the other team is better. Not good to be feeding youngfellas that kind of stuff. That the team had not done so up to this point was also a problem in my view. You can’t just change your style of play this late in the year. They never managed to mend the problem of wides and the issue with free taking either. Looking at Murphy on the 17s, in particular last week you’d wonder why he wasn’t the free taker for both squads

Very disappointing.