Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017


Not at all. Our skill set was below theirs. Sorry but it was. Hard to take but that is why we don’t beat the best teams from Munster and don’t win those elusive All Irelands. We missed simple chances to pick up the ball etc. Basic stuff. I’d love to be hopeful too but as the Bart fella says, we just aren’t good enough yet. That’s not to say we won’t be.


Just watched minor match again.

  1. I just thought it was criminal from management to have Currie our biggest threat to Cork taking frees from '65 out when he should’ve been on the edge of the square. He won every ball played into him in 1st half.
  2. Why we didn’t push men up for last 10mins with the extra man,when you consider most of Cork’s scores came from frees towards the end, all Turnball.


I’d be inclined to agree. Dublin teams have terrible issues picking up the ball. No different today.Or last week to some extent.


Just on the picking up of the Sliotar, seemed to be issue also with Seniors in last week’s game and today’s. Interested to see if there’s an issue with the pitch.


Seems to be something stopping a quick tidy pickup by even the best players. Could it be the artificial nature of the grass, whatever the percentage is?


Yeah, we lost. And yeah we allowed them them to play hurling. They were up our holes for 50/50 balls, that’s the difference . When we do that to them it’s a different story. I would have no problem if we won that today and with the missed chances we could have. I don’t agree with y’all in here that we’re hundreds of miles off. We just need some wee adjustments to how we approach these teams in these games.


@alanoc give it a rest if you know so much why weren’t you managing the team this year?? They got to an All-Ireland semi final that’s some achievement in itself, it’s a seriously positive look for Dublin hurling and given time these players can develop into serious hurlers. Remember that these lads are only 16/17/18 still time to develop. Management made a judgement call throwing the Vincents lad up FF and he did serious damage which shows the management team knew that we needed a greater goal threat. You’ve slated this team all year and haven’t given them the credit they deserve. Very disheartening for young lads who see this and only get negatives out of it


Nonsense. You’d want to look up the word slated.

We’ll get more from the U17s in my opinion. The 18s just weren’t good enough. They made the semis because they played Antrim in the quarters. And the problems they’ve had all year were evident again today. That’s not slating them. It’s just the way it is.


I think they achieved as much as possible . It was never going to contend


That’s just part of the problem. Huge lack of belief by everyone, you, me whatever, were all f’n guilty of it. I think we’re been way too harsh here. We could have won this game today, not one bit interested in how skilful folks thought Cork were. We could have won. And it will happen sooner rather than later. Believe me.


Just one more small snippet from me and I’ll leave yis all alone. Corks main scoring threat ( can remember the chaps name) got injured playing intermediate championship for his club last week. These lads, as per the rule are not allowed play adult with their clubs until out of The AI minor championshi is finished. In Dublin we follow this to the letter of the law. Just goes to show that our country cousins f’n don’t. We are not helping ourselves at all.


Fair point, it’s the same with our senior hurlers to be fair. Cork & Kilkenny play club games over the summer. Our county players get no competitive hurling between county games. We’re out weeks now and still no club championship.


But he got injured playing!! Hardly ideal


Good evening Fintan


Well at least your getting the idea!!!


Cork 0-23 Dublin 2-13

Cork: G Collins; E Roche, C O’Callaghan, S O’Leary Hayes; G Millerick (0-1), J Keating, A Walsh Barry; D Connery (0-5, 2f), B Roche (0-2); B Buckley (0-1), C Hanafin, D Linehan (0-1); L O’Shea, R Downey, B Turnbull (0-13, 0-11f). Subs: B Murphy for Hanafin (48), D Hanlon for Buckley (49), C O’Brien for B Roche (60).

Dublin: C O’Donoghue; B McHugh, K Burke, A Dunphy; E O’Donnell, L Walsh, L Gannon; D Keogh, B Coffey; D O Floinn, M Grogan (1-1), L McDwyer; L Murphy (0-4, 3f), E O’Neill (1-1), S Currie (0-6, 3f). Subs: S Kennedy for McDwyer (h/t), E Allen (0-1) for Coffey (52), C Derwin for O Floinn (52), T Aherne for O’Donnell (62).

Referee: M Murtagh (Westmeath).


Free’s scored: Cork 13 - Dublin 6.


Have we been there consistently enough though, people getting carried away about a one off 2013 semi final In the weakest championship since the 90s. So no we haven’t been there before.

We’'ll have to wait til those lads are 22 or 23 to see how many can positively influence senior hurling

If we can be competitive year in year out final 4 hopefully at underage we will over time cut the ice sat senior


In my view it won’t . Winning at this level and u21 proves a team is a cut above the rest. It also gives players an innate confidence that they can bring to senior level as well
Are these players better then the 2013 team who all reached AI semi finals at minor/u21 level when they were that age
Not in my opinion . I think we are producing more technically skilful players in some cases . However on an overall basis I still see the same skill issues we had ten years ago
That indicates to me that it won’t be good enough .


Good enough for what? To dominate like Kilkenny did recently? No, definitely not. To compete in the top 3/4 team on a regular basis? I would argue that we ought to be able to do that if we produce enough minor and u21 teams which are competitive with the top 3/4 teams in the country, then our seniors ought to get to that level. Good enough to win an AI? Maybe not but we should be a lot better than currently.