Minor & U17 Hurling Championships 2017




At this remove I don’t really remember. O’Donnell did for a while. O’Neill too. Read back through the thread. Several people made the same observation. Even when they went a man down we refused to move a man into the forwards despite being down at the time. Call it a sweeper. Call it what you want. Whatever it was tactically, it didn’t work


The reason you don’t recall who the sweeper was at this "remove* is because we didn’t play a sweeper. O Neill though wearing number 5 spent the whole match as an orthodox edge of the square full forward. Ends o Donnell though wearing 12 played the march as a left half back.


Ok. We’re all wrong. You’re right. We’ll leave it at that.


Who else apart from yourself claimed there was a sweeper? I can’t find anyone.

It was obvious to anyone at the match there was no sweeper. Criticising a manager in the wrong from your sofa is bad form.


Liam Mc and PP2017 both make reference to it above, around post 810-830. And I wasn’t on my sofa. I’ve been at all the U/17 and minor games this year bar the U/17 Leinster final.

Management has been very good all year. Much better than previous years. But they didn’t get it right last week. It’s an opinion. No need to take offence. Overall they did very good work.


It looked a defensive/sweeper setup on the day. For the beginning of the second half it looked a two man full forward line for large parts, sometimes with three in midfield. It was my immediate observation watching it. Seeing some of their games this year it didn’t correlate with previous setups of this team. This by the way is an opinion based forum but obviously being part of the setup or Management you are taking it as personal. If you read back through previous postings this setup was well praised. That for many on this forum was a game that could well have been won, but again that’s opinion.


Have dublin invented a new tactic … The " invisible sweeper" :wink:… The purist will be up in arms when this gets out


Not a completely new tactic. Fulchester United had an invisible striker called Johnny X. Scored a lot of goals it must be said.


Anyone at development squads blitz today.
Heard tipp beat dublin under 14A by 15 points


Are the Forristal, Arrabawn etc this weekend? Anyone got any results? Was that Tipp match in the Forristal?


Yeah. All on. Under 14 is forristal. Under 16 arrabawn


Yes. They were not expecting to go well.


Lost to Tipp 3-9 to 1-4, beat Waterford 4-6 to 3-6 after being down 2-1 to 0-0 in the Forristal

Lost 6-10 to 0-6 to Cork in Sonny Walsh (Div 2)




That cork rise is still happening. Any word on other squads?


Wouldn’t worry about Division 2 result but the loss to Tipp is worrying


Who are the managers to those teams Alan?


Not sure. Sorry.


See laois beat KK and Waterford in under 15