Motorsport 2019


Even if he’s only ends up being half as good as his old man he’ll be a good driver

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as an F1 fan i get grief from sauber fans who say their team isnt a Ferrari B team. Announcements like that though prove they are.



How much damage did moving from terrestrial to Sky do to F1?



good question.

one the one hand you have the absolute piles of money that pay TV not only in the UK but worldwide is giving to F1. against that are the dwindling TV numbers because of this. Does this have an effect on sponsors? I’m not sure, perhaps the teams can market their sponsorships in a way to say the TV audiences are down but the ones who are there are all cash rich enough to afford pay per view TV and so they must have disposable income.

The UK will be the big test this year, its a big market, and they wisely kept the highlights on C4 for each race. F1 has also launched its own OTT service and so I think this is where the sport will ultimately end up as the pay tv contracts expire. Interestingly, F1 was the first sport to have its own OTT TV offering back in the 90’s and what you get on sky now is still actually inferior to that 20 year old product.

I’d say they will go back to terrestrial TV with a world feed but offer the better (much better) on F1TV which any smart (by then all TVs will be smart) TV can show.

Hopefully by then the sport will cost a lot less to run, the big 2021 meeting is on today and they have to really slash the cost of engines (sorry power units) or else it’ll end up as a faster version of the WEC with a very few teams running loads of cars. Amazingly there are fans who want this to happen…



Formula Yawn :grin:

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That’s a hurtful remark to post in the official Motorsport thread. My feelings are hurt and I willcomplain to the admins


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A tyred, exhausted pun.




Great race today, terrible result for Charles.