Munster Senior Football Championship 2019

Darran O’Sullivan doing the Munster champo punditry on Game On on 2FM. Thank God a home in d’meeja has been found for another poor orphan child from The Kingdom. He was cutting it close there for a while.

And he’s doing soccer ball punditry too. Is there no end to these Kerry lads talents?

Sure wasn’t Munster Rugby keen to sign up his speediness back in the day

Was driving down the Swords Rd near the Viscount there about two weeks ago in morning traffic and I’m fairly sure twas him drove by me in the opposite direction in a Skoda estate jobby - looked very like a freebie.

Darren born and lived in England till he was 12 I think. Was on the books of qpr I think.

Kerry team (v Clare)

  1. Shane Ryan (Rathmore)

  2. Jason Foley (Ballydonoghue)

  3. Tadhg Morley (Templenoe)

  4. Tom O’Sullivan (Dingle)

  5. Gavin Crowley (Templenoe)

  6. Jack Sherwood (Firies)

  7. Shane Enright (Tarbert)

  8. David Moran (Kerins O’Rahillys)

  9. Adrian Spillane (Templenoe)

  10. Diarmuid O’Connor (Na Gaeil)

  11. Sean O’Shea (Kenmare)

  12. Stephen O’Brien (Kenmare)

  13. David Clifford (Fossa)

  14. Paul Geaney (Dingle)

  15. James O’Donoghue (Killarney Legion)

16. Brian Kelly (Killarney Legion)
17. Mark Griffin (St Michaels/Foilmore)
18. Brian Ó Beaglaíoch (An Ghealtacht)
19. Michael Geaney (Dingle)
20. Graham O’Sullivan (Piarsaigh na Dromoda)
21. Tommy Walsh (Kerins O’Rahillys)
22. Jonathan Lyne (Killarney Legion)
23. Micheál Burns (Dr. Crokes)
24. Robert Wharton (Renard)
25. Conor Geaney (Dingle)
26. Gavin White (Dr. Crokes)

Not a team to worry anyone on paper. 5 lads from Kenmare District, doubt that’s ever happened before even in Spillane’s days. Probably a question for Kerry Stato!

And two seats on the bench for the county champions

Looks like they’re copying Jim! Im surprised they didnt involve Shaw, but may be just a top club player. White is an infinitrly better option than Enright too

I would think David Shaw would be in the Kerry senior set-up within a few years.

Are you shaw?

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Listen media in this country exists for Kerry lads. Especially ones that had a number in their heads of how many all Ireland’s they where going to win. A special breed.

Is this still throwing in at 7 ???

Munster SFC Semi-Final Half time Cork: 3-8(17) Limerick: 0-2(2

3,128 in attendance … won’t be long paying for PUC with crowds like that …

Half time
Kerry: 1-9(12)
Clare: 0-3(3)

Crisis in Munster football, what crisis?


Nothing to see here. Move along now.

5 points in 70 minutes of football.

Presuming we’ll be seeing an article on RTE talking about the state of Munster football…

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It’ll be going on 28 years now since a team other than Cork or the KOTF have won Munster. In that time Dublin, M**th, Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Westmeath (Louth should be in there as well) have all won Leinster. But there’s no crisis in Munster of course :roll_eyes:

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Kerry straight into Super 8s every year. A poor Cork team only one match away. Totally unfair now with Super 8s and needs changing.

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