National Football League 2019


I wouldn’t look too much into it , it’s a win in ridiculous conditions in the league agiasnt Kerry who know they are pretty much already in the final. Some encouraging performances by ruane , Kevin Mac and aido. Loftus disappointed but that type of evening was never going to suit him either


Sure you can only shift the girls that are in the hall like


Congrats Mayoman. Sport is a funny auld mistress! Yis better go and beat the Farney now!


Won some money on us this eve. We are always dangerous when written off…:Kerry are coming but it’s a year or 2 too early for them in my opinion: up Mayo;)


Just watched it there. Great endeavour. Big Aido had a stormer. Fair play to Mayo. Deserved winners. Sean O’Se is very very good.


Our final game in Cavan is complete null and void for us . Can’t make the league final or be relegated.


Winning is a habit as is losing ,we can put as much spin on a defeat as we like it doesn’t mask we not at our best at the moment, as rightly pointed out allready it’s nothing new we did get by with some sub standard performances previously, it’s just not going our way at the moment and we are being punished, had we gotten to a final that would have been good preparation for the summer however Gavin is shrewd enough to make the most of the time afforded by the defeat , one thing is certain the standards Jim has set some lads positions are definitely vulnerable, be nice for a change to go a little under the radar hope Kerry shoot the lights out put a bit of pressure on their young shoulders


Are the final pairins only going to be decided next weekend?
Most bizzare league in years.


Yeah but Kerry already in it barring a shock set of results. Willbe Mayo v Kerry final if we beat Monaghan and Tyrone beat Or draw with Galway. If Galway win then nothing we can do.

If it’s a Kerry v Galway league final Croke Park will be empty as neither county have great traveling supporters…GAA will be hoping Mayo make the final id imagine.


I’d say the thought of a Kerry v Galway and Donegal v Fermanagh double header in Croke Park would have the accountants wincing.


Meath won 1.12 to 1.7 over Clare so they will be in Division 1 next year unless they get beaten by 10 or more points by Fermanagh .


Safe to say that Fermanagh are highly unlikely to win a game by ten points.

We could get two Leinster teams up, if Meath beat Fermanagh and Kildare beat Donegal.


Hope both come up, it means shorter travels for away games and makes it more interesting all round. I’ve never been to Fermanagh though !


I was talking to a guy from Fermanagh this morning who said they are light years away from div 1 standard football.


They are probably not much different to Cavan and Roscommon, but harder to watch. At least Meath and Kildare try and play attacking football.


True. id definetly prefer Meath and Kildare promoted. At least there would be a bit more interest in those games .


With Armagh winning yesterday 2 Munster teams from Clare, Tipperary and Cork will definitely be relegated from D2.


Cork will be relegated for sure. 3 home defeats from 3 games. Division 3 for Cork. Shameful for the biggest county.


If Cork beat Armagh and Tipp beat Clare that makes Cork safe on head to head? Armagh have nothing to play for.


Yes wins for Cork and Tipp would mean Cork survive. They have both been the 2 poorest teams in the Division and it is hard to see Cork beating Armagh up in Armagh, but who knows.