NBA 2018/ 2019 Season


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That’s a great move by Dallas . Looking forward to seeing what Luka can do at the highest level .


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massive risk by the Raptors. Very likely that he bolts next summer and they are left with nothing


He’ll be out the gap to LA after a season .
I see Derozan is going the other way .Raptors get Danny Green too , not a bad return for San Antonio considering they might have got nothing when Kawhi went FA.


Well if the Raptors think the Eastern Conference has opened up they might as well go for it. Good luck re-signing him though.


Is he healthy is the question .Makes things interesting though .


WOW! Raptors fans are pissed.


Don’t think anybody is happy with this trade .
Could be a disaster for both teams long term .


Spurs had to make a trade so they were in an easy situation. Not so much the raptors


I meant more that one player didn’t want the trade and the other just wanted out from his team .
Not exactly ideal situations for both teams concerned from a player motivation point of view .


Hard to see Golden state being stopped again. DMC will be a huge addition to an already powerful outfit. Their rivalry with LA will step up a notch this year


Heard he might not be back til mid season or even the playoffs .


I read he plans being back on the court by training camp in September. Either way, I suppose a lot will depend on how he comes back from the injury as a ruptured Achilles is as serious as it gets. Seen a good bit of him when he was at the Kings and thought he was a powerhouse of a center.


Great player , but a head case . Some combo with him & Draymond on the court !


It’s a surreal move in a lot of ways. Golden state is already stacked and a winning team. Cousins could have got 20+m somewhere else yet he’s taken 4mill to play at GS for a year. He’s basically paying 16m for a ring. The result is GS dominance will continue, not exactly great for the league but can’t blame a player and franchise for doing what it takes to win. A large portion of NBA fans are strange I’ve found in their criticisms of star players joining a winning team.

Oh and head case is being kind to him, he’s a borderline C U Next Tuesday off the court.


Yeah, but he’s seen what they did with JaVale.


I think a bit of that is down to Durrant & his comments years ago about players chasing rings , but its not like it hasn’t happened before , and it will continue to happen . I think though there’s maybe about 3 or 4 years left in this GSW run before the team gets blown up or it just runs its course . I think in the next 5 years your going to see the East winning again . And of course , Lebron can’t play on til he’s 50 , can he :upside_down_face:.