New Dublin Jersey


Not mad about the shorts …


From what I was told is it’s this seasons training tops.


Tidy bit of kit.


What about the jersey?


Nope, picture above from @mjd is this years training top…


I actually saw that too!!! Tis mad I’m going!


Jim wasn’t long about getting a replacement for Dermo.
Don’t let spewn see this pic, he will explode.


We’re obviously keeping this jersey till the end of summer. I expect a new jersey released in time for xmas and new league campaign so.

I was in Arnotts earlier this week and they are reselling their famous Dublin jersey from '92 (I think) as part of their own 125 year celebrations. Think it’s only €25, looks lovely… limited sizes available though.


Think I still have mine somewhere. Very heavy material they were.


It’s the one regret I have … never keeping all my old jersey’s … they wouldn’t fit now but I’d love to have them to frame them even…


Oh yeah old skool jerseys were great, My favorite was the 1987/1988 with the ould millennium crest when it first came out.

Think Dublin won a league in it and then finally beat Meath to win a Leinster in it in 1989.

Could look at the Pride in the jersey site and think back on the good ones.

Never liked the jersey from 1998 - 2000 and i dont know was it because its a bad one or we were such a bad team !


Couldn’t agree more. I loved the '95 jersey - maybe having won a first All-Ireland since '83 formed that opinion, somewhat.


i liked that 98-00 jersey, had one but lost it somehow. they seemt to be massive prices when i go looking for them on e-bay, so if anyone has one going spare i’d be interested.


I may have that jersey packed away somewhere. Will give you a shout if I locate it over the coming days.


I was a big fan of the 98-00 jersey. It looked different to all the other GAA kits at the time (it constantly disappoints me that O’Neills only seem to do 2/3 jersey designs and fit each county’s colours into those designs). Admittedly it hasn’t aged the best, it is a very 90s design with lots of detail and design elements. But relevant to its day it was a good jersey.


Can anyone post pics of the various jerseys?


@Liamo posted a good link yesterday:


Hi great thanks!


Im sure I have it buried away here and it might as well have a good home :grin: Gave away my 04-06 one, worst decision ever, loved that jersey.


I really liked the 2009 one but it fell victim to possibly our worst defeat ever