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Aquarius and my name is Ralph
Now I like a woman who loves her freedom
And I like a woman who can hold her own

ps No PUNS allowed


Fair enough sir! But may we have double-entendres instead?


Come again?


Very anti-climatic if you ask me.


My real name is Sean but I go by pen name Ohm.


How’s it goin ohm! :+1:t2:


What does it stand for…oh my gawd…we won 3 in a row?




Good man yourself.

Hope you enjoy it here.

It’s a bastion of informed opinion, sharp wit & cultural prose.


Welcome ohm.

Hope you don’t meet much resistance and go with the current.

Jesus…my puns are getting worse.


Yes that one hertz … mega hertz.


Or…Oh Hail Mary mother of god…we’re gong to lose Sam to the nighty force that is Tyrone.



More importantly and before you declare your allegiance.

Do you like the Coddle ?

Please tell me you are a decent skin and hate it. There’s a free Ulster fry if you do.


No sane person could re-fuse a bowl of coddle.


It doesn’t stand for anything. I’m from the US and got into GAA around 2012-13. The tipping point I think was the Dublin v Kerry semi final in 2013. I was fully on board. Thanks to youtube there are a lot of old videos of provincial and all-ireland championship games years back. I’ve gone back seen all the all ireland titles Kilkenny won between 2006 to present as well. Not fond of defensive blanket style game 0-10 - 0-9 or something like that. I’m not a Dublin fan or any county fan but appreciate attacking football and Dublin do that as much as they possibly can more than anyone else. I’d say Kerry and Tipperary are probably 2nd and 3rd in that attacking mindset. I update the 2018 Dublin Senior Football Championship wikipedia page as accurately as possible and have all the scorers from the Senior A games however Senior B is a lot more difficult. I’m trying to find those and hopefully you guys can help.


Or maybe he could Transform a bowl of Coddle into something edible.

(Though he really would need special powers for that)


Well welcome and look forward to your views.

And pass no remark on some of the local humour here.

Coddle is a local Dublin ‘delicacy’ that is the subject of much debate here !!


When you said “Hi” I guessed you were from USA.

Fáilte romhat.


You’re very well informed.
Are you mayo4sam2018 by any chance?