New to Ressers? Introduce yourself here!


Jebus! Paranoia & it’s only April!


Welcome … I’m a Dutch man …


Dutch Gold? Welcome Ohm, we’ve missed you…


Welcome Ohm, it’s starting to sound like some sort of Mantra. Welcome Ohm, welcome, come on in, and close the door.


@5AliveOh, you’ve ben gone, too long.


…welcome, you’re ohm once more.


Just plucking years at random Ohm…but '03, '05 & '08 were all great years.

Especially the QFs from 05 and 08 !

Years '09 onwards don’t really count if you ask me.

edit: no childish replies from Dublin die-hards. Be mature and move on.


Just nod and smile politely ohm. This is the hour Upthedall is allowed put away his colouring books & crayons (he’s not allowed sharp objects) and play on the internet.


Yes, the crayon bit is true. As we say in my house…the crayon is mightier than the sword!

But that doesn’t stop my one-man crusade with YouTube to have all results from 2009-2017 re-directed to 03-08.

So…who’s your tip for this year? The boys in blue…or the good looking tyrone fellas?


Mods…for fear that people in the USA think we’re crayon munchers up here…

Can we please add a ‘threatening’ button to posts?

That way I can threaten PD with one of Willy Fraser’s ‘Love Ulster’ campaigns in Dublin.


Ooh…I see what you did there…



I mean it ! Once more and mad Willy will be down in no time.

edit: check out his youtube videos. Mental stuff.


He said Willy :joy::joy::joy:


I know. I checked out pix & vids of a big dick. Is that not what he meant? :grinning:


As an American you should avoid the Trump thread. Do the Dallas cowboys fans forum have a thread where they discuss Leo Varadkar? Must check it out.


I think he is more Indian?


Of all the bleeding American football teams I could pick I picked the cowboys doh!


Just introduced myself in a “new topic” (oops), so I’ll try again here!
Hi All! I just found out about this site and have been thoroughly entertained at the posts I’ve read! Playing football for the first time ever in Southern California, and can’t get enough of watching on GAAGO!


You should give hurling a bash! Do you live anywhere hear Milwaukee? Or could you get a lift?


I’m living in California at the moment. Grew up in Michigan, which is a short 14+ hour drive to Milwaukee. But still my beloved Midwest!