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We are trying to get a camogie team together.


Welcome to ressers! :+1:t2:


I’d say that the winters in California are slightly different than those in Michigan (especially the UP area!)
Welcome to Ressers!


I just saw a programme about Milwaukee called Dark States by Louis Theroux. 14+ hour drive would be far too near …

Is Obama still the President over there?


That show was the reason I quit Solpadeine
62 days clean today :slight_smile:


Hi to all, hopefully I can offer something worth listening to!


Hey @JohnBrown - welcome aboard!


Welcome @JohnBrown!

Can I ask - do you have a cow? :sunglasses:


Not that I know of…


Welcome @JohnBrown


Welcome. Can we call you John?


Ah, look who’s back from the grave. :coffin: :coffin: :coffin:


Are you taking any music requests ?

  • Still one of my favourite moments on this site


Thought I could sneak back in!


Proud Dublin born Laois culchie.
Yiz are my second favourite team!!
Love watching players like Kilkenny, O’Callaghan and Mannion. Class.
But on Sunday week I’ll be hoping for the shock of the century.


Hate to be the one to break it to you Chief, but if you were born here, then you’re a Dub.

(Could be worse. You cudda been born in Belmullet.)

Declan Darcy Rule 14(a) Section 2, Paragraph 6, if you don’t believe me. :wink:


Fucks sake. 3 days in The Coombe 50 years ago and yiz want to claim me!!


Jaysus, fookin premature too, the craythúr!


Elfhoof !


Wow , can’t remember the last time we had a laois fan on here .
Play nicely & you’ll do just fine :wink: