New to Ressers? Introduce yourself here!


And it’s not gonna have a happy ending once the mods catch wind of it.


Are you a bit wristy?

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A Dub…Scott is the name…use to be a prick of a full back up in wanderers many moons ago…


Welcome to the asylum :sunglasses:


The way they are droping Championship grades they may need you back !


Just another Dub in the kingdom here. Used to lob in an opinion once in a while before the site changed and dropped me. Dublin Hurling fan. An Ghaeltacht aside I’d be slow enough to open the curtains on a football match despite Páirc Uí Chaoimh in '83 being the finest sporting occasion and result I’ve yet to experience. Looking forward to Liam landing in the capital in the not-too distant.


Fáilte romhat isteach a chara. You’ll get on great with the elitists here. Us football peasants have had our decade of the Dubs again and will have to live off the hype again for the next while. Sure we might even bandwagon over to the real game…

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Howya, @ustix? Welcome aboard/back.
Whereabouts in Kerry are you located? How long have you been down there? Who or what took you there?


Sound beeko. Pushing twenty years in the kingdom. Enjoy visiting home now and again. First trip west of Dingle by bicycle in the early 90’s the weather stayed fine. I figured this might suit me.
We’re all here because we’re not all there!
Hup the Dubs, hurlers.


I’d say you’ve told your friends and neighbours there so often that you’re not a football fan to keep the peace that you’ve even started to believe it yerself! :smile:
Though twenty years ago it might have been more of a hiding from humiliation thing…


The game has gone to #@$€ in my own view 5Alive, here’s hoping it will turn around


Ah here I was only ‘hopping ball’ as they say in your land. Though maybe not their hardcore hurling fans…
Football was always considered the poor relation, no matter the hype of the 70s/80s, or even because of that in some ways. Or maybe that’s just Dublin football…
Kerry the Greatest Team In History perfected handpassing and throwing goals by 1982. Then Offaly wrecked it all with two big kicks. Who knows what’ll happen next…

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Fáilte a Mhac, keeping the hurling dream alive in Kerry.


Grma Mac, no shortage of hurling in North Kerry… and Killorglin

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One of my old bosses hurled with Ballyduff.


And one of mine with Laune Rangers

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You involved with An Gaeltacht ustix? The wife’s nephews play for their juvenile set up.


“I’ve been to Causeway! More times than parts of Meeeath…”.

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I chase the ball occasionally. The small wan prefers if I stay in the car…


So yer the dub they slag off :sweat_smile: