NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


Ah the aido diaries is not meant to be offensive I’d say it took on a life of its own. Ya have to admit though green-red it’s fecking funny.


Have you read the shit they post there about Dublin ? I remember once there was about 4 separate threads about Dublin on the go at one stage , on the opening page alone. Dedicated to discussing us , and not in a good way . You think this place is bad , gaaboards is a pretty safe haven for all things mayo from what I read there .


I don’t like any criticism of any GAA people that is personal and unwarranted. We all of the right to judge actions on their individual merits. I, for one, have no beef with what Lee Keegan might get up to. I don’t like some of the things that Mayo’s captain from last year might do on the field but I won’t judge him as a person by that. But you really must take the Aido’s diary with a pinch of salt. It’s gift-grub-esque.


The Aido thread started out as an homage, and then grew into…into a really largehomme.


Fair enough, but it tends to go quiet when Mayo builds up a head of steam.

I think most county fans start to operate in an echo chamber, here is no different in that regard than over on Kerry GAA forum or Mayo GAA blog is what I’m trying to say. Fans often don’t see when they are aping the behaviours of followers of other teams.


In fairness I did say in my post that it is about pointing out issues that involve us and that other counties can point out their issues, so I am not saying other counties don’t have them.
I do agree that Tyrone came in for a good bit of stick, don’t think it was just Tyrone it was Ulster counties in general, but most of it was based on the kind of football they were playing not so much on who they were, IMO it was way over the top and highly exaggerated.


I think that is where we see the 31 against 1 think, there is always local rivalries or needle because incident that may have happened against another county, but for most counties we will always be the lesser of two evils, in a nutshell we would be the common evil for most, but I understand that and I think as Dubs we relish in it also long as it is all in good spirits and people don’t go over the top I see no real problem.


I think it’s generally very balanced here, and people looking in will find whatever it is they want to find. Bias will always exist, and the Leeway to slag off other teams and counties. If I was a Mayo fan the last place I’d be looking is on a Dublin forum except for some evidence of respect and aknowledgement, which I think yis definitely get, along with all the rest of it.


I would probably be the same, but I think the two lads are a great addition to the site as are lads like Daller and Rufus, in general I think they give a very neutral and informative view that sometimes we might not see through our blue tinted glasses.


Mayo 4 sam


Perfectly summed up.

Kerry’s reaction to defeat by Armagh and Tyrone was OTT.

After they won in 2004, their chairman told us that’s how football should be played (a one-sided final)

When they beat Armagh in 2006 they rejoiced and galvin cried when they finally beat Tyorne in 2010.

The irony of course is that Kerry have got up to as much badness if not more. Don’t start me…


There’ll always be an element of 31-1.

It’s part and parcel of being such a big city.

But most isn’t vindictive. A lot of people wanted Dublin to win in 2011 because they really deserved it.

Kind of like how neutrals would like to see Mayo win Sam.


I cried too in 2010 when we beat ye , tears of joy :laughing:


Of course they’re a good presence here for the most part like the vast majority of other posters, but not because they’re from “outside”, rather for their individual contributions. That’s a whole different conversation anyway from what was being discussed.


I honestly believe Mayo’s big chance with this team is well gone - despite the closeness of the last two years.

I actually think in the fullness of time Mayo people will look back on the Teenies as a decade they most certainly should have ended the drought. The biggest misses IMO were 2012 after beating us and not closing the deal against an ordinary Donegal, and 2014 when you were in your prime and should have taken Kerry - ref did not help nor did luck - but you were the better team. Close since but no cigar.

Never change something that isn’t broken but Mayo never changed something that was a little broken. I think the undroppability of the O’Sheas and the elder O’Connor and some others in this period has been your undoing. You may say well we had nobody better and maybe that was the case but when you don’t get over the line, then …


But that is the point you make here … do Mayo actually deserve it - or is it sentiment/ wishful thinking? I honestly think - and have said numerous times here - Mayo haven’t won it because they haven’t been good enough.


Well I did leave myself open for that!

Looking back that Tyrone team were coming to an end.

I’ve said here before that’s where Jim G has been great at risking new talent instead of relying on the tried and trusted.


I think with Dublin - for me anyways - you blew it in 2010 and deserved in 2011.

And it was great to see Kerry get pipped.

With Mayo it’s definitely more sentimental in that you feel empathy for a group who keep trying.


Its true there is a bias in some media that Dublin are cynical into “dark arts” etc, but equally there is huge admiration and respect, in truth they are no more cynical than any other team.As fans there can be a tendancy to ignore the praise and focus on anything negative.This bias is just a product of being serial winners.People root for underdogs in all sports .If we ever start getting beat regularly again they will stop talking about us in these terms so im all for Being called cynical it beat the alternative.


These stats make Galway look very good, early rounds of champo. should not see them looking much different, but if they progress into the super8s they might lack sufficient stamina.