NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


That post was absolutely top class! You are wasted on here!


Have to admit that flew clean over my head…


From a few days ago -

“None of those old hoary clichees Daller, you’re just going all defensive on me now, can’t we just talk this through, we never really talk, you’re always too tired or down the pub…”


That’s just too too kind of you. Sometimes I imagine I’m Ralph Fiennes in a scene from the English Patient. You know, “it’s all just too too terrible darling”. Things unsaid, complications, pointless talking, intrigues and secret liaisons.
Then I wake up and realise that Kristin Scott Thomas is actually Up The Dall, and it all begins to look so…ugly. (ok that bit was from The Apartment).


Al…still lost.

Never saw the English Patient either. Although with football up here, there’s usually a few patients after a game :wink:

Now don’t you start!


ok, that was a fine article and all, but - again - its full of bull. Dublin fouling was instanced. Galway fouling wasnt. Why?

an also, my biggest annoying comment these days -

“Dublin play 14 behind the ball” FFS!!! Jim Gavin made “That” statement in 2013 - and that style was one that everyone loved until the Donegal game. The world and its mother knows we changed our style in a “■■■■ you so if thats what it takes” message from the very next league match, that was over three years ago and we are still getting shitheads laughing “oh, I thought you dubs dont play defensive or blanket football” after spells in play like on sunday.

You know, its like someone sitting on their fat arses smoking a fag and swilling a beer laughing at lads running a marathon. Ha ha ha lets laugh at the dubs for playing football in a different way to how we have actually been moaning about since the mid 00’s and laugh even more when they cant.

a pox upon their houses.


players are leaner, fitter, faster, and so harder to tackle full stop.

the simple solution is to have two referees for senior intercounty championship matches, so players wont chance their arm on the basis that the referee is a million miles away.


The Irish News have a few ex-players as pundits. So on one hand it’s good - but on another I’m not sure how insightful they really are.

But I agree on the 14 men bit…and I said it a few days ago.

When Dublin are in the lead - they’ve no obligation to attack - that’s for the other team to figure out.

In last year’s semi - Dublin played keep ball from Tyrone and it wasn’t just effective - it was demoralising.

Tyrone were faced with a choice: either attack or die a slow death. We left early.


T O’Se made the same point.

And because the game’s so fast, and so much happening…they could do with extra officials.


I agree it is not ideal but I am sure it doesn’t hamper the team as much as is made out when you get to the summer. You really need the team to work together for tactical set ups and A v B games to see who you feel is performing best other than that the drills for the skills you want to focus on can be put in place and applied to each group.


Extra officials that can make decision


Video ref for cards and penalties only? Black card offences in the last 5 minutes should be twenty metre frees. This would cut out a lot of the deliberate fouling/diving and game ‘closing’.


Fair enough, but you do realise social media is full of “bottlers” “culchie this that and the other” “media darlings” ■■■ and Aido bashing no matter if we win or lose, the source is more than often Dublin even when we don’t play you. It is equally annoying.

Anyways I don’t want to labour on this issue, just highlighted it initially to point out things aren’t always solely against one county or another. Many counties have the siege mentality.


Two referees is a joke. The amount of incidents that happen near the referee and in some cases the Umpires or the linesman and are “not seen” will not be improved by a referee in the other half of the field.
There are all-ready 7 officials around the edge of the field looking in on 30 players , a ratio of 1 to 4, you don’t need an eight, make proper use of the 7 you have first.
Where is the second referee going to stand so as to see everything. Beside the goalie ? but don’t we already have two umpires there .
Two referees in the compromise rules game is a political solution so that both codes are represented.
Some referees let everything go others are more strict, so what happens if we had two referees, different rules in each half of the field.
A referee should be supported by his officials. They should be working as a team which they are not at the moment.
Beware of making new rules as there are always unintended consequences.


You should wear your culchie badge with honour GR.

Tractor meets, marts, claiming EU grants, giving about the rain and bad for the hay.

They secretly jealous.


I’m worse than a Culchie or a Dub, a feicn Townie.


What is that when it’s at home ?


I think it means he’s from Termonfeicn.


Townies are an attempt to grade Culchiedom, based on their proximity to more urban environs. Culchies view Townies as some kind of inferior Culchie, kinda like us and Southsiders.