NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


Kerry too. That graphic showing 12 footballers outside the county doesn’t show they’re all in college in cork together.


Exactly…that was the proper outback!

Omagh would’ve been like Las Vegas.

As they say in those parts…wile bad.


could we not just go back to straight knock-out and play the poxy championship in the winter. have the league in the summer and save all the hassle in congress. surely even the suits would be happy?


Ahh noo, nooo, nooooooo!!! Championship is summer boy. De haayy is saved an’ de Dubs are bet, hi!


Owen would’ve been like Johnny Vegas …


I’ve said before I can’t see a reason why the GAA don’t use their own referees as umpires for inter county games. Surely there must be enough out there, especially come championship. Umpires are a joke at times who can and have had players sent off in big games but who can’t see whether the ball has gone over the bar or not from 5 yards!

I know they say they’re club referees and apologies to those on here but they shouldn’t be given control of county games IMO.


I cannot see two refs working due to inconsistencies in the style of reffing!!! What would be given as a free 5m inside one have would be let go 5m inside the other half!!!

Re umpires - being an inter county ref does not mean that you will be a good umpire. They are two totally different jobs and inter county referees that I have met tend to prefer their own people and they develop a bond in their style of officiating.

Curious, have you ever tried umpiring at a “higher level”?


I suffer from vertigo.


No, why?


Blessed by the Grace of the Almighty.


2 refs in the basketball but they don’t take a half each, one does the right side and the other does the left-side. probably not what you would think of at first but this way would suit football too.


That’s what I meant by a half each - half the pitch!!!

Do people think I meant a new ref at half time???



3 refs in basketball technically , 2 in Europe I think .


From what I understand @Tonbinn means one ref takes the left hand side (full length of the pitch) and the other does the full length on the right hand side.

Similar to what is already there I suppose, except the linesman wouldn’t have to stick to behind the line and if they saw a foul on their side they’d have the authority to blow up and award a free etc…

NBA has 3 man crews… and any of them can blow up for a foul/offence etc…


You should try it and then come back and share your experience at how easy it is!!


Amongst other things no doubt!! :wink:


At least you said “Amongst” and not “On top of”… That would have aggravated the vertigo.


So why do you call out “higher level” specifically? What difference does it make whether I’m doing a Junior B game or a national league final?

And show me where I said how easy it was??


Well I’d imagine the speed players and ball move at is totally difference.


To be fair, regardless of what level the game is at… the umpire hasn’t got a whole lot to do in fairness (this from the official GAA website)

What are the Duties of an Umpire?

The umpire indicates by hand and flag signal

  1. A 45m free in football or a 65m free in hurling, by raising an arm upright, and then pointing directly infield,from the place where the ball passed over the endline.
  2. A wide ball by crossing both arms above the head.
  3. A score by raising a green flag for a goal or a white flag for a point, in front of the scoring space.
  4. A decision to disallow a score by crossing the flags at the centre of the scoring space.

Powers of Umpires

The umpire has the power to bring to the attention of the referee, during a break in play, any instances of foul play or incursions onto the field of play which have not been noticed by the referee. It is the duty of the umpire to report any such instances and his obligation is to do so by providing the factual situation regarding the instance.