NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


O Gara was very instrumental in our landmark victory against Tyrone in 2010, not alone in terms of his score taking but also his unstinting demeanour.


For his sins…E O’G is best used as a sub.

His sheer strength means he can hold up play, beat defenders or draw frees.

In the league game last yr he outmuscled 2 defenders before releasing Rock for a tap in.

Trying to think what game he started last year but didn’t have the same impact…was it the final?




Thanks thought that was it.

He seems better ending a game than starting one.

Still…you’d think the Leinster C’ship is a good place for the like of E O’G and new starters to stake a claim.


It was a very strange decision to start him and coupled with Jack’s injury caused us huge problems for the whole first half which were only dealt with following half time substitutions.


Pat Spillane: For whatever reason, there is a vulnerability about Dublin on big final days in Croke Park

Absolute bullshitter of the highest order , he heard this from mick o dwyer and he will run with this for rest of the year.


Vulnerability … when you win. Only in fcuking Ireland … it’s like something the Healy Raes would come out with …


We’ve lost one of the 11 national finals we’ve been in since the league final in 2011, which, in fairness to Pat, we did throw away.


All quiet on the Western Front Pat ?


Reading in the Sunday times this morning if we win our first LSF match in may we will set a new record of 21 unbeaten championship matches ,currently jointly held by wexford 1915-19 team.


What in the name of jaysus is Pat on about :joy:

Must be nervous that we could do what he didn’t :grin:


This time last week he was saying Dublins character was incredible and now he’s saying that. He’s an absolute spoofer. Zero reason for him being a pundit these days. Soundbites is all Pat engages in these days. Cringeworthy


Ostensibly he has a point - we’ve arguably underperformed to some extent in all five of our AI Final appearances under Gavin in a manner we haven’t done to same degree against the same opponents in AI semi-finals. But he’s missing the essential point of why we’re so damned hard to beat in big games, which is that this Dublin team has two ways of winning - blowing the opposition away or relying on their character on days when it isn’t all going to plan. I’ve also got a strong suspicion that the fact we’ve fallen over the line so many times in September has been a huge factor in keeping the dreaded complacency factor at bay.


If we were losing he would have a point @URoy


It’s time for the KOTF to change the narrative. Now that this Dublin team looks like equaling his Kerry team with 4, and possibly going on to get the 5 in a row, they need to change the focus. Ah sure although the dubs are great, they’ll never be as great coz they didn’t blow teams away in the finals.

Nothing more then that. Spoofer.


Makes no difference if we where blowing them out of the water they would either say the opposition where [insert what ever excuse you like here] or we where so financially doped that no team had a chance but in Kerry’s day it was all fair and organic.



“Yerra there was none of that sponsorship in our day.”


Don’t let Beko see that …


Perhaps but clearly the teams we have faced have been similarly or more vulnerable on final days .


What did he say about Kerry vulnerability tight games over the years?

Armagh 02, Tyrone 05 & 08. Dublin 2011, 13,15 & 16. Donegal 2012 and Offally 1982. All close games which went down to the wire in last 10 minutes and kerry lost. Though we only heard excuses after about referees in them games :smile: