NFL1 Final, Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, April 1st, 4pm


In fairness our breakthrough in 2011 owed something to the effects on Kerry of the Armagh and Tyrone defeats, and also what Dublin had learned.


But sure ‘11 was all down to Declan O’S being a nice guy and not hauling down K McM. :wink:

But successful methods are copied and bettered. Kerry soon learned that.

And even with Dublin now. Teams are becoming less defensive and have to come up with something different.

Tyrone are trying to go that way. More attacking and players less bulked out with S&C suited to a running game.


Deano, with our Surface to Air Missile.


Any links?


This is exactly the type of low-brow smut that makes this site enjoyable.


Hence the word ‘ostensibly’ @Dub09. :wink:


Imagine if you could forget about the finals & just take the semis .
2013 might have been one of the best finals ever
That’s a good point about the semis , people might have been looking back on our wins very differently .


It’s not long since we had a poor record in semi-finals. 2011 was a massive struggle that broke a very bad run. Then we lost again at that stage in 12. And again in 14. Taken to a replay in 15 but clearly the better side anyway. Should have won easily in 16. Did so last year. Hopefully our final results will start to follow a similar pattern :grin:


You’re getting Bold now.


Ah, being bold comes from my time living on the Omo road.


That’s a stale place to live BD (wonder how many of your compatriots get that one)?? :wink:


Will the bread be Ormeau?



I’m dazzled by this conversation.


God damn it…that riddle didn’t last too long !!