NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


There is no way the pitch in Corker could be that long, that would mean the middle section of the field is 35m whereas I would say its closer to 15m. The dimension you saw may be the whole grass area not the actual pitch.


Pitch size don’t matter none! We’re going to whoop Tipp ass! :grinning:


I did say whether its accurate or not, didnt get to measure it with me metre wheel :wink: its way longer anyway in my opinion. Anyway lets hope Tipp dont find too much extra space in there diagnol passes on Sunday.


I hope they do…and we learn to cope with it.

If there’s one thing I expect from Gilroy it’s facing reality and getting on with it.


The max Gaa pitch size is 145m x 90M Croke Park is 145 x 88 which leaves 15m between the 2 x 65m lines same for both teams!


Parnell Park 144m x 82m

Croke Park 145m x 88m


Just used the measurement thing from google maps!

As said Croke Park 144.5 from where I have the measurements placed, and parnell is 142.6!

This is obviously due to the wind you mentioned, because there is definitely not 25M in the difference!

From what I can see on the widths Croke Park is 84M and Parnell is 80.5M!


going on the above Croker is about 5% bigger

144.584=12138 m2
80.5=11479 m2

that’s 650 square metres in overall space - a surprisingly big difference overall for what looks like small differences in length and width


But if you’re a defender and you’re tight to your man Does it really matter about the size of the pitch? It will mean the team will need to be fitter to cover more ground. But that applies to both teams.


Now atmosphere in a full Parnell Pk v no atmosphere in a near empty Croke Park is a different argument altogether!


Hopefully we get the team soon so we can get the talk back about the game rather than pitches😂


Probably the same one named last weekend that got snowed off!


Hard to drop a player from a team which hasn’t played!


maybe they’ll play 16 a side - about a 5% bigger team for a 5% bigger pitch …


Drop them all! The lazy feckers didn’t get on one ball all week. Never mind 70 mins. :grinning:


I wonder if the extra week gave anyone the chance to recover from injury. Dillon, Rushe and Connolly might be a possibility - although I don’t know what is wrong with any of them.


Even if any of them are recovered from injuries I would imagine they would start on the bench! Dillon and Rushe especially ate lacking match fitness!


Connolly’s has a bad finger injury.will take a few weeks


Only change is James Madden in for Johhny Mc…


This is probably (but hopefully not) the last match before championship and I reckon we haven’t had half of our best team on the field at the same time due to Cuala and injuries. I can’t see how Gilroy can shape a team under those conditions in his first year.