NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Yea people would do well to remember that if we get a bad beaten on Sunday. No point getting the knives out if we are short half our panel!


Tipp havnt named the strongest team by any stretch either. It’s far from their best.


Bubbles on the bench, he’ll come on and help himself to 2 or 3. They just have too much scoring ability, no way our forwards will match them for scores and Michael Breen is red hot at present, his physicality will be hard stopped near goal


Just after reading that Tipp are 1/14 to win this one! :scream::scream:


As long as the game isn’t over at 1.14 …


I know Ronan Hayes was on fire the last day but even he won’t finish Tipp off that quick!. It will be at least 1:50hrs. :sunglasses:


This is very well put together, and I would agree with it all nearly.

Mind you, where he splits the players into three camps, new lads, returnees, and the lads that have been there all the time is the exact same point, with the exact same groupings that I made in a post here before (see below) - just sayin’ like…
‘I reckon we found maybe 3 or 4 players that wouldn’t really have been suggestions up until this (Kelly (Darren), Connolly, O Carroll and maybe Moore). Maybe they aren’t regular first teamers (although Connolly looked like it), but they will push the rest. Then you have the returnees (McCaffery, Ryan, Boland, Keaney, Sutcliffe), then guys who were pushing last year and injured or should have been involved if we hadn’t got a complete eejit managing us, McBride (x2, but especially Rian), Boland (if he recovers ok) and Conroy. On top of that we have the younger lads who were mentally young to be put playing championship last year (Burke, Whitely, O Sullivan), but are now reaching an age where it at least becomes a possibility’


Journos definitely snoop around here and extract their info nearly word for word for their pieces. Wonder could the site prevent this somehow?


We could make it member’s only but i like to keep the site open.


Don’t care about the score it’s has there been any improvement in the team and sadly we have gone backwards


We were always likely to go backwards given the injury policy and trialling so many players. You’ve your mind made up anyway!


I won’t lie I do(have my mind made up Gilroy should not be Dublin hurling manager) the more I see wexford and how far they have come under Davy F@#@ Fitz and Cuala under kenny and we have Gilroy and his football management team
Is it to soon to start a Gilroy out thread


If Davy ever comes here, you will live to regret that!!


After 3 years I will but the first 2 will be great


I love dem bies so I do! I won’t be drawn…!



Small crowd so far :thinking:


Sher it wont fill up till 5 minutes after throw in


With the subs listed


What a great athmosphere Parnell could have been on a day like today to welcome Tipp. Pat obviously knows (should know) more at this stage about the players he has and hopes the wide space and experience will help especially moving forward but to me a crazy decision not to play in Parnell. He would have had a say no doubt.Will happily eat my words at the end of this.