NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Fergal Whitley is on. Think Hayes is off


Is Mickey Whelan Gilroy’s da?


I thought the tipp midfield would be too physical for him, he’s handling it very well though.


O Grady hates Dublin and always has- priapismic langer that he Is!


Agree but my own bias is telling me it was probably still worthy of a yellow!


How many frees is O Dwyer giving away. Is Paul Ryan completely out of favour?


O’Dwyer is shocking. Has no business near that panel


tG4 have O’Donnell as the spare man. Way to chase a lead !


Could be a broken bone for crummy. Took the full belt


Working short puck outs to a defender who ultimately skies ball down on top of forwards giving them a 50/50 chance of winning possession is nonsense and it’s happening time after time.


Yep. Second city chip on each shoulder.


We’ve gone to pieces.


Appalling stuff…only that tipp are shooting wide after wide …


Tipp goal :confused:


Was it us or Tipperary that had the man sent off because on the way the second half is going it looks like we have 14


It’s at times like this that I doubt our management team. We have scored 6 points in 44 mins. They have scored 2.18 in that time. They are a man down but we look as if we are two men down. They are scoring for fun. From us? No tactical change. No meaningful substitution.


Bill ocarroll at full back. Another who shouldn’t be near the panel.


Was thinking the same thing myself. We look like we are the player short


Agreed. O’Dwyer made sure of it though.


Crummy going off is the icing on the cake.