NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Burke not getting enough from play here to warrant a place


Midfield and half forwards have disappeared in the second half


Since 10th minute, it’s 2-19 to 0-7…of that 47minutes Dublin have had extra man for 23minutes…


Did he just dodge a bullet there, silly reaction, Could’ve walked


Think we should jpack in the hurling & just concentrate on the football.

That’s a shocking performance again today after good first 15 mins. Any time we come against decent team we go to pieces.


Should have walked


Yep. gone to pieces. I dont expect t beat Tipp but it’s a very poor effort outside the first ten.


He can thank his opponent for that


And this is no where near a full Tipperary team but hopefully it’s not near our full team either


Am I wrong in thinking the fact he tried to strike him it should of been at least a yellow


The match vs Offaly will be huge. At this moment Offaly look the most likely to win.


It should have been red, free cancelled and ball thrown in,


Do we have good players?
Have we a real hurling game plan?
I’m not so sure.


No we don’t
From what I can see it’s hit Danny with 90% of puck outs and that’s the starting point for all attacks
Today it worked for 10 minutes and we had no plan b


Add Kelly to that list


I have never seen Gilroy and Anthony Cunningham talking to each other on the sideline. They appear to be separate to each other during matches. Very strange. We have gone from 8 points up to 10 points down.


Dublin have 3 points from play in 2nd half against a weakened 14 man Tipperary. 2 of those from CK.
Aimless stuff.
Tipperary have all the stick work and hurlers…and plenty of wides thank god.


On Tng4 they have been shown to be talking to each other.


Even with the Cuala lads back a championship whitewash is a distinct possibility.


Based on that it is a distinct possibility. That was a depressing shambles.