NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Tipp had the option for a short puck out every time. How does that happen against 14 men.

Keaney was our best player which is worrying.
O’Donnell a warrior
Smyth did fine
McGib is a poor mans mcmorrow
Burke didn’t seem interested
Winters not up to it
Rod a disaster
O Carroll a liability
Kelly a mile off the pace
Barret did well and kept the fight going

Future is very bleak


Very timid on the pitch, very passive on the sideline. A bit of Davy Fitz passion wouldn’t have gone amiss. A lot of work to do all round.


Nearly more important then the missing Cuala guys are the likes of Boland, Rushe etc. I wouldn’t be complacent, and I am not without concerns, but I don’t think we have seen enough of the championship 15 to know yet how the championship will go.


Depressing stuff. Perhaps its always the case when you get hammered but there seems to be a lot questions about selection, positioning and changes by the management. Burke is not able for the speed and physicality of this level of game. Every puck-out on top of Danny? Expecting Keaney to go a full game at CHF? And can they please give us some updates on injuries and availability, just to stop speculation about the non-Cuala players who are not playing.
On the bright side - add O Callaghan and Moran and Rushe to the defence and it will be a lot stronger (I hope Crummy is not too badly injured).Midfield is still a big question mark. Why was McCaffrey not brought in today? Why was Paul Ryan not on the frees (Burke missed 4 I think?)… So many questions.


No amount of returning players will bring a bit of tactical sense…regardless of what 15 Dublin have out, they had extra man for whole half and were completely out played and had no obvious approach apart from lumping the ball when their limited tactics and skills forced them to.


We need to be nailing 95% of frees awarded to us. We need Paul Ryan or someone else who us equally good on the frees. Names on a postcard to Parnell Park ASAP.


Exactly. The sideline is fcuking clueless. You cannot learn to read a hurling match in 3 years. Fact. We had no plan (1) how to use the extra man (2) for puckouts (3) how to score a goal (4) how to close down their space. When we had 14 men, the blindingly fcuking obvious thing was to push up on their puckouts. Instead, we did the opposite. It is too late for Gilroy to learn how to read hurling.


Depressing to a point, but there was good within it. Totally agree re update on injuries.

I would be happy enough we have options up to number 9. From there on we have Keaney and Sutcliffe at the moment and no one else nailed on. Burke isn’t remotely ready for this yet (he will be though), O Dwyer isn’t up to it. Winters and Hayes are possibles. But we probably need four starting forwards before the championship.


Be careful I gave out about Gilroy and was called clueless saint pat can do no wrong it’s still Cunningham’s fault


Cunningham is clueless? He’s been around hurling for more than 3 years.


Either clueless or not being listened to. I suspect the latter. Otherwise when he managed Galway, the selectors read the matches and he coached the team.


Gavin keeps it quiet on the sideline and it works for him…

This is probably a year away from seeing anything. Some of the comment here reminds me of the footballers circa 2009 / 2010, and we know how that worked out.


Let’s not overplay that card either. Three very disappointing seasons out of four remember.


So we are going to win the All Ireland in hurling next year, are we? Football is not the same as hurling.


Cunningham is only the trainer period !!! Gilroy who knows absolutely nothing about hurling which is extremely evident makes the decisions




Forwards cannot expect to anything with no decent ball . Backs need to be able to do more than win ball and then bash it aimlessly up the pitch which is all they have been doing all year, we seem to be playing with three full forwards and just banging the ball up in the air and hoping they win some of it . Crazy mindless play and it didn’t even work against 14 men. Atrocious management .


All you have to do is look at the way Wexford tore us apart working the ball up the pitch from the back when we went down to 14 . They did it right and took us to pieces ! It doesn’t actually take much brains !


Mc Caffrey got married yesterday so wasn’t available.


Such a feeble excuse!