NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


Name some of the improvements you have seen. Don’t name players if you don’t wish to but please name the strategies etc. I have clearly missed them.


I didn’t have a go I said I felt in first half he wasn’t on a lot of ball at cf.His second half was much better and he scored. Hence why I felt him better inside. That’s not a full Tipp team @petergriffin

If it was I’d give the benefit of the doubt. Also some of those players like Ryan and Maguire were on the panel today just not selected.


Poor auld Burke gets a mention in 85% of your posts WiFi, and it’s rarely good :joy: He’s some talent, one of our best, needs a bit of conditioning but I don’t see many others doing more or better then him when they do get a chance so I’d stick with him going forward


The first 10 maybe.


No matter what I point out you will pick holes in it due to the margin of loss today. But genuinely tell me what your expectations were for this point of the year?


I know its not but their subs are quality hurlers and there isnt much a gap between them and the guys who will start…however there is a huge gap between our best players and our subs.
Maguire and Ryan should be on the team.


That turned out to be a clusterfuck in the finish! Looking at our performance in opening 25 mins. we played great stuff. But went into meltdown after that. IMO it’s a confidence thing. Once Tipp got the goal and went in front it appears we shutdown completely. One or two lads did keep plugging away. But most seemed to stop believing. Not sure how to fix that problem to be honest. Calling for Managers head not the answer at this point. Management were at fault for not utilising the extra man to better effect. How often have we seen that happen in games? Can’t understand why we put this extra man in or around the full back line when we were 10 points down. Surly having him operate in the middle 3rd would have proved more beneficial? An area that can and must be worked on is that when we come out of defence with the ball Look up and pick out your man. Far to much aimless clearances led to handy points for the opposition. Tons of work to be done before the Kilkenny game in May.


Your dead right it is 100% a confidence thing and the only way they get that is by playing more and more with one another and gaining one another’s trust on the pitch and that is going to take longer then 3 months.


My expectations are.more about the process than the product. We were 8 points up and lost by 10, against 14 men. That is the fault of the management. I am delighted that they are trying players out but I just can’t see how things could be said to be improving or even on a discernible path. I would love them to turn things around but I’m not sure that there are enough hurling people in there for that to happen. I hope I am wrong.


Maybe the presence of a few Cuala lads whom are currently on a confidence buzz. Would bring more stability to our performances. More belief that we can win games! Hopefully anyway!


Okay but that still dosent mean you can call for Gilroys head 3 months in surely you had to have expectations at the start of the year and then if we arnt meeting them then call for the chop but like I said today was bonus territory and it will stand to us going forward. I’ve laid my expectations for the championship above and if they fall well below that then I will question the management but so far they have achieved what I thought, I didn’t think we would get relegated and I didn’t think as would beat a division 1 team in the quarter final so on that basis I am willing to give them a chance to improve.


Are we all happy with Nolan in goal as well… be interested to see his goals conceded numbers, have seen him a bit at club level too… a monster puc out and sometimes great “Nash styled” accuracy… but makes errors and is liable to let in savable goals.


Any cuala players that come into that team.and perform as well some here are expect them to will have my upmost respect. Two years on the road non stop has to take it’s toll at some point, straight into club champo too along with county. Some of them lads have been ran into the ground at this point.


Even with the Cuala lads back , they’re not the 7th Cavalry.
Chances are that all of those teams will beat us in second gear bar Offally


Fair enough! :+1:t2:


Agree with that. Missing our county champs (the best Dublin club side ever it’s fair to say?) really is an issue for us. Bigger then top counties will experience.

The injury policy, or is it policy any more or just injuries, is another issue. Missing a good few.

But even so I really hoped we’d be more consistent/sharper today. Was hoping for a performance rather than a result but after the great start we went to pieces, with the extra man for so long that’s really disappointing.

Not full on panic yet, as lads say it is early doors but getting worried.


Tbh I’m not actually banking on the Cuala lads being our saving grace they have had a long 2 years as is.


That McGibb comment is true genius :clap:


Cuala weren’t playing Tipperary on Saturday. No comparison.


I don’t remember McMorrow ever scoring over his shoulder from the sideline with two men on top of him :thinking: