NHL 2018 QF, Dublin v Tipperary, Parnell Park, Sunday 18th March, 3pm


No, I was clearly highlighting how you referred to him as a poor mans mcmorrow, and suggest you watch the game again, his work-rate in midfield yesterday IMO was excellent, he supplied a lot of ball which led to scores,and he got two fine points as well. Also, his off the ball running at times to create options for players was also excellent. And he didn’t just do it for 70 minutes yesterday, IMO he’s stepped up to the plate since he’s moved into midfield in previous games.
Any body can post castoff remarks above in relation to players,and refer to players as “a liability,off the pace,not interested,a disaster and not up to it” etc. from behind a keyboard.
Suggest you also show players a bit more respect, and not base your comments on as you said on a 70 minute performance.
Did you actually go to the game or base it off the 3 or 4 minutes shown on TSG?


The difference when Tipp were in possession regardless of where it was on the field to us was night and day. They seemed to always be in enough space to lift their head and deliver/shoot. We were so rushed on the ball, nearly always had to take it into contact and got hooked/blocked or dispossessed.

I don’t think it would be too hard to come up with a plan for how our backs let the ball into the forwards. If our forwards knew before hand that the backs will be letting into the corners say then they could get a step on the defender. It’s not like football where the forwards run determines where the ball will go, it moves too fast for that. In the odd ideal situation yes the forward gets free the back looks up, sees him and puts it on a plate for him but as far as a game plan goes that ideal scenario only works the majority of the time in football rather than hurling. The forwards need to nearly know where the back is likely to put it as soon as the back comes into possession.


He didnt show much leadership the day vs kk in the league last year when he got sent off for what was an awful brainless pull…


In fairness that was one very isolated incident. Normally rock solid.


True that, but how many time has he saved Dublin.